Thursday, March 20, 2014

Print Your Dreams

The cost of living has been on the rise over the past decade and we have to find ways and means to augment our income. As a parent, my goal is to see all my kids finish college. My daughter has a degree in Economics and is gainfully employed in an international banking institution. My two sons are on their way to earning their own - one in Marketing Management and the other in Hotel and Restaurant Management. 

I have done some market research and feasibility studies on a business that would be easy to manage with a quick ROI (Return of Investment). I have been looking into the printing business. There are many products that could be offered, from banners to business cards to corporate give aways. My only concern is the time constraint to produce unique designs and the stiff market competition.

However, I have learned that with a good web 2 print software, starting a printing business can actually be hassle free! I can start small as a print broker until such time that I would have enough working capital to grow it big. At Eoncode, I can choose the type of software suitable for the size of business that I intend to establish. Complete software packages and suites take care of everything from e-commerce storefronts, website development and workflow management applications.

My dream of owning a business and being financially stable in my twilight years is about to become a reality. 


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