Saturday, March 8, 2014

Preparing for the Debutante's Big Day

Its almost summer! Uh-oh. I think I just lost myself there in a dream.

My niece Bianca Celine
Summer will be here in a few months' time. Soon we will be saying bye-bye to the cold nippy weather and welcoming the warm (or hot) sunshine. I am excited for the summer this year, not because of the beach or the bright blue skies, but because my beautiful niece Bianca will be celebrating her 18th birthday. 

The whole family is planning a big party for her. She's my sister's only child and she wants it to be really special. I have been thinking of something to contribute for Bianca's once in a lifetime event. My youngest sister will be the one to take care of the audio-visual presentation and my brother is currently looking for a good live band to perform during the event. I was thinking of taking charge of the party favors. I have two months to plan carefully for a small memorabilia to give her friends who will attend her party.

I have always been on the practical side and I want my party favors to be something her guests can find useful and not just sit on the shelf collecting dust. Walking out at noon one day gave me answer I have been looking for. I will purchase caps! The summer sun would be at its peak during the month of May and a good baseball or cadet cap would provide protection from the glare and heat. I started looking around for dealers of wholesale caps in various designs. All those hours I put in searching online turned out to be fruitful. Shopforbags Inc. had such a wide selection of cadet caps to suit anyone's taste. After looking through their website, I have decided on these two designs - one for the girls and one for the boys. 

For Bianca's girl friends, this cadet cap with a beaded pink bow applique is practical with a girly bling. Keeps the sun out of the eyes and protects the hair from drying out in the harsh sun. Perfect for walking to the mall, going to theme parks or strolling along the beach.

This baseball cap would be best for Bianca's male friends. The perfect accessory for attending sporting events, or for doing outdoor sports - biking, hiking, or playing tennis. The unique eagle design is sure to stand out. 
Reasonably priced and ultra stylish, this is the party favor I have decided on. I am positive Bianca will love this and I am sure her guests will too.


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