Thursday, March 20, 2014

Its About Time We Speak Up

Our village office regularly holds town hall meetings for the residents of the community. It is during these times that the officers announce scheduled medical missions, free services, or current updates to existing rules and regulations in the village. 

With all their good intentions at hand, it is still difficult for them to keep everyone's attention. Their dilapidated PA system makes their voices come out like a squeak and a crackle. I think it is the opportune time to replace the "century old" speakers. 

The Peavey PA Speakers would do the job perfectly. Its woofer and titanium diaphragm compression driver provide the best audio for any purpose, whether it be for town hall meetings or gigs. It boasts of a 400W power program and durable moulded plastic enclosures making it lightweight and portable. 

Our village would be very pleased to have a pair of these quality speakers. The Senior Citizens attending their weekly Ballroom Dancing classes would be very happy. The day care nursery class could now do their field demonstrations with better sound systems. Most important of all is that we will now be able to hear the announcements of our village president better. We'd be more than willing to sign a petition to our Mayor to provide funding for this much needed pair of speakers.


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