Thursday, March 13, 2014

Get Ahead with a Good Drum Head

So the time has come for you to replace your drum heads. Then the question pops up in your mind - "What kind of drum heads should I get?"

Assess you playing style. Are you more of a jazz, acoustic or light rock drummer? Or are you the R&B, funk, and heavy metal kind? The choice of drum heads is dependent on the kind of music genre that you play. 

Drum heads come in single/one-ply or two-ply variants. The classic aquarian drum heads at wwbw are single ply drum heads that provide sensitive response and produce a rich, brightly resonant sound. If you are unsure of whether to get one-ply or two-ply drum heads, I would suggest the one-ply clear drum heads because it offers full frequencies from top to bottom suitable for all playing styles. There is nothing more satisfying than having drum heads that give high performance and versatility. 


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