Monday, March 31, 2014

F4 Once More!

I will be transported back in time tonight at 8pm.

Baffled? I hope not. I am just happy that ABS-CBN will be showing re-runs of the very first Taiwanese soap I fell in love with. Yes, they're showing #Meteor Garden again.

Meteor Garden is the Taiwanese version of the famous Japanese comic book series "Hana Yori Dango." The plot is very simple - spoiled rich boy meets courageous poor girl. Its a story about getting into a relationship, its joys and sorrows and the triumph of love over all odds. The twists of a snotty rich matriach disapproving the relationship, the secret feelings of love by the lead's best friend towards the girl, the bullying at school. Nothing out of the ordinary, however I guess the reason this soap got so popular is the introduction of new faces - and good looking ones at that.

The cast is made up the lead female, Barbie (Hsu Hsi-Yuan) and a boy band called #F4. They are Jerry (Yan Cheng Xu), Vic (Zhou Yu Min), Ken (Zhu Xiao Tian) and Vanness (Wu Jian Hao). 

The cast of Meteor Garden. (L-R) Jerry, Vanness, Barbie, Ken and Vic
I was drawn by the simplicity of the story, the sad moments when the lead characters had to fight for their love, the insecurities, and of course, the light hearted and funny scenes  in the show. Meteor Garden got so popular in the Philippines that the group F4 held several concerts here. Me and my daughter watched every single one of them! Jerry and Vic even became product endorsers of a clothing line (Bench Philippines) and they were the company's poster boys for a loooooong time.

In 2004, I had the opportunity to work in Taiwan for two years. With a weird twist of fate, I found out that I was working 3 blocks away from the apartment building where Vic (Zhou Yu Min) lives. There was one time I saw him on his big Yamaha motorcycle speeding away. Major freak out! (faints). 

In my own opinion, this soap taught people some realities - that money isn't the be-all and end-all of things; that being steadfast in your beliefs can take you to your dreams; and that love conquers all. 

Oh my, I can go on and on talking about Meteor Garden, F4 and the Mandarin experience. At 8:00 pm tonight, I will have a repeat of a happy time in my life.



  1. I remember this series before it was super hit and i hope it will be again...can't wait to watch this too.

    1. Hi Nova! It is trending in Facebook. Haha. And to think that at this time, all of them are almost 40 years old!

  2. Oh wow, I really didn't watch it the first time it was aired but I know them and I am kind of familiar with the story. I wish it's on TFC too but I do not think it is. I bet they are totally missed!

  3. I remember my niece getting ga-ga over this show, not sure if she's watching it again. I have not seen it but I got to see some when i flick my remote.

  4. I think I was in college when this was first run in ABS CBN. I would make sure that I was home before the show starts so that I won't miss any episode! I too went gaga over these eye candies and the story as well. Glad that you can get to watch it again.

  5. Oh. This never really gets old! :) Big part of my childhood.

  6. I was hooked watching this show before. Would love to watch it again if I am there.

  7. Have fun watching your show :-) I hope you have an awesome time. Koreans does not look appealing to me lol sorry my honest opinions but am I glad they gets into you :-)

  8. Hope you enjoy your show! It's a great way to while away the time.

  9. I remember this series before it was super hit and i hope it will be again.It's a great way to while away the time.


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