Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Daddy

Hi Dad,

I wanted to talk to you today, however, I know that you know how my situation is nowadays. I hope I didn't disappoint you. I'm going to visit again, soon.

I worried about you last night. Is it cold there? It must be such a crappy feeling to be all alone at Christmas. I know that feels. I experienced that. Can't help but cry in a corner. Did you see me long for the warmth of family? I don't want to go through that again. I'm staying put. No more working abroad.

Dad, I wanted to give back some of the blessings I received this year. I made a personal promise to feed a hungry child at Christmas. Guess what? I did not find one single hungry street child. They must have been out caroling. I decided to feed a homeless man instead. I prepared a meal pack containing a slab of grilled pork, some beef steak and potatoes, hot steamed rice and some fruit. I searched the neighborhood for him, I knew he always made a bed for himself in the jeepney waiting shed. When I found him huddled against the wall of the elementary school, I immediately gave him the paper bag with the food in it and said "Merry Christmas! Here's some food for you. C'mon and eat while its still hot." This man looked up at me - the very first time I actually saw his face, and in a very soft voice he said "Thank you." He put the paper bag beside him and fell silent again. I spoke to him once more and said "Please eat." He did not look up anymore. I started walking home after greeting him Merry Christmas one more time. 

I did not know how good it feels to be able to do good to somebody who has nothing in life. Such a small gesture but it feels like I've made a difference in someone's life. Dad, I will be doing this again with every milestone achievement I make in life. I will be paying it forward from now on.

I hope you had a good Christmas where you are. I guess you did. You're with grandma and grandpa, and with your brother and sister. You're at the peak of your health and free from all pain. Most importantly, you are with Jesus and His Choirs of Angels.  I keep forgetting that you are not there in that cold place under the ground. You are with God and all the angels in heaven and that you are watching over us. Your tombstone is just a reminder that you have moved on to a better place.

Merry Christmas, Dad. I love you so much and I terribly, terribly miss you.

Hugs and kisses,


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