Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Who cares for the care-giver?

This is me. I care.

However, most of the time, I too, need to be cared for. I am not always the strong person that people say I am. It is just a facade.

I work a long 9 hour shift, starting at 2:00 in the morning, ending at 11:00 am. By noontime, I feel like "the walking dead." Sleep does not come until around 9:00 in the evening. After arriving home, there are still more duties I need to attend to, like picking up things, tidying the house, getting something to cook for dinner, doing the laundry. And then there are other chores that I need to do. Why? Because I CARE.

My body longs for a good, long  8 hour sleep after a day's work. Good luck. I get around 3 hours.. 5 max (2 hours afternoon nap plus 3 hours shut eye before work). But because I love my family, I just get rid of that dang sleep deprivation by having more coffee than an average person can drink. Why? Because I CARE.

I feel pain. But there's laundry to do. I have to make dinner. I have to run my errands. Oh my God. I do hurt. I try to shut my mind off to numb the pain. I cannot afford to lay around. The family has to be fed. The kids have to have clean uniforms for tomorrow. Why? Because I CARE. 

I am so tired. I cannot do anything about that too. I am a machine that needs to keep on moving. MOVE -MOVE-MOVE. No time to do anything else but to earn a living and look after the welfare and comfort of the family. Why? Because I CARE.

The care-giver longs to be cared for too. (Wish!)
The care-giver needs rest. (I'd probably just get eternal rest)
The care-giver needs sleep. (I'd probably have this when I lapse into a coma)
The care-giver is crying. (Crying? Nah.. its probably just my eyes perspiring)

And then I hear that tiny voice...  Who cares for the care-giver?

"The Warrior is a Child"
Performed by Gary Valenciano
Video courtesy of

"To You, Oh God, I offer all my works, joys, pain and suffering of this day all for your Greater Glory!"


  1. indeed we are so blessed to have a faithful God who takes care of us, who we can run to when we are tired, whom we can seek for rest, who gives us wisdom and understanding, and strength, and love, to care.

  2. I totally hear you! I would give anything for my family and never think twice about myself or my health!

  3. Great video!I love the message of the video.

  4. So true! I want my kids to just be appreciative of what I do around here more often.

  5. Tougching video. i do care for and im sure when it comes to family we all care. of except those people that really don't care.

  6. A very inspiring video indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I am not sure that I know. LOL. I am working with my children on a daily basis about respect and appreciation.

  8. aww I hope you'll get your much needed sleep and care in time :)


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