Friday, August 9, 2013

Today I share pictures or memes representing the other side of Philippine politics and media broadcasts that would blow you away. These pictures have been around in social media sites and have had their moments of fame. Its more fun in the Philippines?

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago on Plagiarism: "You students, there is no substitute to hard work. Do not copy (referring to others' works or answers in exams) And if you copy, you will never succeed. Look at those who did it. When they were in college, all they did was copy. Now that they are Senators, all they do is copy." 

Anti Hoarding of Philippine Legal Tender Coins Act of 2013 (House Bill 1662) aims to penalize individuals or corporations found to be hoarding coins up to a certain amount. Penalty for offenders would equate to eight years imprisonment with  a P300,000 fine. This bill was drafted mainly because of the shortage of coins in some establishments.

How can parents now teach their kids the value of "saving up for a rainy day" when there is a threat of imprisonment? Makes me wonder how much money could be legally kept in piggy banks?

Same sex adultery? Taxpayers will pay for the electricity, the paper, and the salary of some people to push this bill forward? Any brighter ideas? Anyone??

Seen on the local evening news: (Translated in English) "A teen-aged boy got his palm pregnant because of his frequent masturbation.

Appeal to Parents and Children: We all know that this is not true.

On Filipino Nurses: Such a shame that it would take the President of the United States to recognize the heroism, bravery and commitment of Filipino nurses, compared to one of our own who said "Actually, there is no need to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Our nurses only want to be room nurses, in America and in other countries. They only want to take care of the patients. Therefore, they do not have to be good."

Road sign: I have not personally seen this road sign and I am not sure if there is actually one in existence. Still, it gets the attention of the public who constantly violates the Anti-Jaywalking Law. To translate the sign in English, it reads.."Go ahead, motherfucker! Jay walk!!

House Bill 1625 or the “Cell Phone Safety Act” and House Bill No 4917 or “An Act to Prohibit and Penalize Reading, Composing and Sending Electronic Messages while Driving, and for Other Purposes: What ever happened to this bill? I have never seen full implementation of this.

Imagine how you would feel to be riding a jeepney on your way to work at 2am.. the driver seemingly has this uncontrollable urge to beat the speed of light.. WHILE TEXTING.

Our country does not have clear guidelines and I do not think that the public has been educated on the penalties that may be imposed on violators. Poor, poor commuters whose lives are at the mercy of these irresponsible drivers.

The Philippines has been in the ASEAN News lately, being tagged as an emerging economy, surpassing that of Indonesia.

Personally, I have not felt it in any way. I am ending this piece with this sign:


  1. Madam Senator for the win! I like her, so funny with sense unlike the other politicians out there na super brainless este senseless pala. hhaayy

  2. HAHA thanks for the funny memes and stories. I've never seen any of them except for the pink jaywalking sign. That still is my favorite!

  3. hahaha, you made me laugh so hard. some are absolutely ridiculous though...

  4. LOL, this post made my day. The 6th photo caught my attention. Wow! very emphatic ang dating.

  5. wow, these are very interesting memes...some are funny and!

  6. THat curse sign is a bit disturbing but then an extreme measure for those who constantly violates the jaywalking rules

  7. I've always loved Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago for openly bashing corrupt/inefficient/unsmart politicians through jokes. She does it so well!

  8. I admire Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago when I was in the Philippines :-) She is one tough woman and my hats off to her :-) Hope all the politicians are like her :-)

  9. I like everything you shared. It's all those "BS" that's preventing me from going home. The current govt. keeps saying how booming our economy is, maybe for the corporations because of the investors they are getting but how about for common Juan? It's practically the same, probably the poverty is more heightened now than ever. I just hope for a miracle for our motherland. Change the corrupt officials. Kick them on the curb. And I also pray the Filipinos who will vote will be more wiser. Just because your actor-politician is famous in the movies doesn't mean he's going to be great in the Senate or wherever he is going to preside. :(

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