Sunday, August 18, 2013

Apartment Farming

Last June 12, 2013, I thought of something worthwhile to do to celebrate Independence Day. 

I remembered the Taiwanese. All the time I was living in that country, rarely did I see ornamental plants around their homes. Instead of flowers and decorative plants, they instead grew vegetables in large clay pots! A small flower box is converted into a herb and vegetable garden. City farming provides them two things - something for their old folks to do to keep them nimble and busy, and of course, food on the table when times are hard.

Adapting this Taiwanese trait, I started my own little vegetable garden. I bought plant pots, high grade garden soil and vegetable seeds. I set up the pots outside our apartment window and hoped that they would survive the heat and humidity of the city.

Two months after, my cherry tomatoes are starting to bear fruit!  My okra plant has little buds, my bell pepper seedlings are getting big and strong. I also have chili pepper seedlings waiting to be replanted in larger pots. 

Next project - my very own herb planter. Sweet basil, cilantro, parsley and thyme (or rosemary)... you are going to be my next babies. :)

Now who says farming is only for farmers?

My Cherry Tomato plant - Baby # 1

My Cherry Tomato Plant - Baby # 2

My Cherry Tomato Plant - Baby # 2 (Another view)

My Cherry Tomato Plant - Baby # 3

My Dwarf Okra - Baby # 4
My Chili Pepper Plant - Baby # 5

My Bell Pepper Plant - Baby # 6

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  1. sisterrette!! this made me hate myself..hahaha to this day I have no real self-grown vegetable to take a photo of! pero honest I tried many times planting veggies around the house but our goats would always, always find a way to devour them huh! keep planting...excited to see more of those veggie shots when they get to your kitchen :)


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