Sunday, July 21, 2013


Ah.. Life.

A four letter word that means a lot of things. Merriam Webster defines it as "a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings." 

Yeah, right. I look at it another way, though. 

Life for me is a progressive movement to accomplish a predestined mission which is the sole purpose of our existence on earth. What is the purpose of my birth? Why was I put on this earth? Should I go with the tide and chalk everything up to fate?

Life is a eternal classroom. So much like a scientific experiment. We have all materials/options laid out in front of us. We are given the freedom to choose what we want to use. We formulate hypothesis, conduct the experiment and take down notes. We then calculate the risks, and draw conclusions from the result. 

Can you relate your life with a simple scientific experimental procedure?

Let's just take commitment, for example. You had a lot of suitors to begin with. But you chose only one to marry and spend your life with. You plan to have such and such things - a nice house, 2-4 children, a stable business/job. However, you find out that you cannot afford to purchase your own house, considering the meager salary you are earning. You end up with 7 children instead. The dream business was out of the question. Then we draw conclusions - or strategic life planning to make the most out of the results of the experiment. 

Life. It is the only thing that can give rise to all emotions possible - happiness, depression, anxiety, fulfillment.  

God has given me this life. I have a mission. I have a purpose. I am not sure if I am going the way He wants me to. I might not be walking on the "main road," but I am pretty sure I am on the sidewalk going towards the right direction.

With every sunrise, I search God for guidance to lead me through the day.

With every sunset, I thank Him for the blessings sent my way.

And in between that, I try my best to be all that I was destined to be - GOD'S CHILD WITH A PURPOSE, FULFILLING HIS PLANS AND GLORIFYING HIS HOLY NAME.

Live LIFE.


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