Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life begins at 40

Life begins at 40.


I am past that 40 year mark as I write.

My mind chooses to remember only a few things that happened before I hit my 40th birthday...

      •  My great childhood
      •  Winning the Reading Award in 4th grade
      •  Winning 2nd place in an Art Competition in 6th grade
      •  High school life at St. Paul College Quezon City
      •  Being a member of the Pepsi Skateboard Team
      •  Breaking my forearm during a bad fall at skateboard practice
      •  High school graduation
      •  College life at the University of Santo Tomas
      •  Giving birth to my first born, Kristine Anne in 1986
      •  Attending Medical School at Fatima University
      •  Giving birth to my second child, Irvin Jason in 1991
      •  My father's passing in 1992 due to lung cancer
      •  My Mom's long road to recovery after Daddy's passing
      •  Giving birth to my youngest child, John Michael Clarence in 1993
      •  Working for the government 
      •  Going abroad as an OFW in Taiwan
      •  Coming home after working 2 years in Taiwan

The road I traveled was a common road, nice and smooth in some parts, beaten and rugged in some. There were angels along the way, however, I had encountered "monsters" who pulled me away from my road . I stood strong and made a choice.

I chose to be free. I chose to have a better life for my kids. I chose to be happy.

I am getting there. THIS IS MY JOURNEY.


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