Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Globe Tracker Service

When I was a kid, I had to be home before the time I said I would be home. 

"We will be working on a school project, Mom. We will be at Liza's house. Her parents volunteered to drive us home after we're done. I will be here by 7pm. Here's their address and phone number. Her parents' names are Fred and Linda."

Rules were rules. Promises were NOT made to be broken. If I could not make it home by the time I promised, I had to call my parents and tell them where I was. It would be better if I could get an adult on the line to speak with them and assure them that I was okay. Times like this would make me break into a cold sweat for fear of being grounded or not being given an allowance for a week. My parents made me understand that they were not getting in the way of me making friends, or doing school work, or what nots. They wanted me to understand that they are doing this because they love me and care so much about my safety and well being. 

How times have changed.

Raising kids in an environment where connectivity is a must, parents must keep up with the technology. The youth of today think that they are in full control of everything. Parents have to be content with a text message that reads "I'm here. Be back soon." Arrrggghhh!!! Where is "here?" How soon is "soon?" 

When will they learn to provide parents an exact time and location? I wish they would know how upsetting it is to wait for them to come home. They do not realize the horrible thoughts that suddenly come to mind. It is no longer a safe world out there.

This is until I enrolled my two sons' cellphone numbers in Globe Telecom's Tracker Service. For a minimal fee of PHP 5.00 per inquiry, I get a service that helps reduce my anxiety. I simply type "FIND (my son's name)" and send to 7000. Within seconds, I get a reply stating where my boy is.

Funny thing is, my sons DO NOT KNOW that I have enrolled them in the tracker service. Of course I did it when they were fast asleep. I do not think of it as invasion of privacy. I would rather look at it as a service that provides parents some peace of mind. A very helpful tool, specially if kids are out too late at night and do not immediately reply to their parents' text messages. 

Many times I have found out that they are not where they told me. Here's an example:

My text message: "Where are you? Its late!"
Son #1's reply: "I'm still at school, we're working on a project"
(I send a location inquiry to Globe Tracker)
Tracker reply: (Son#1) is in the general vicinity of SM North Edsa. 
I call my son and say "So, what's new in SM?"

They are floored. They think I have ESP. Hahaha.

So parents, if your service provider is Globe Telecom, I suggest you give this a try. If our children think that we were born during the dinosaur age, we can still outsmart them. After all, our parents raised us well.

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  1. hahahaha did the same thing with the hubby before...through smart...but I changed number so I can not use the service anymore you happen to know how I could track him again through smart? :)


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