Saturday, June 8, 2013

First day of SY 2013-2014

So here it goes again. Another school year starts.

Conventional moms get up early to prepare breakfast, wake the kids, iron their uniforms, hand them their allowances and send them off to school.

 I do things differently.

I do everything before I leave for work at night.

I make breakfast for them at around 10pm. I keep them in microwaveable containers and pop them in the fridge. All they have to do is reheat them in the morning.

I iron their uniforms at 11pm. I make sure they have socks to wear and a washcloth to use. I put their allowance in small brown money envelopes which I leave under their pillows.

I wake them up by ringing their cellphones at 5am.

Working the night shift has taken a toll on my relationship with my children. It seems that I almost never get a chance to be with them. When they leave for school, I am at work. When they come home from school, I am asleep.

I am lucky to be blessed with responsible kids. Despite their little misgivings and shortcomings, they understand that I cannot be with them 24/7. They know that Mama has to earn a living. Mama has to make sure we have some little spending cash.

Every now and then, I get a little treat from them. Like coming home to a clean kitchen... or finding out that some of the laundry has been done... even coming home to see that they have made me breakfast. Those things are far better than gifts. (Although I expect them to give me gifts when they are done with school and have their own jobs. haha)

Pretty soon my dreams will become a reality. My only desire is to have 3 college diplomas in my hands. One down, two to go.


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