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When choosing how you are going to operate your new business, you may decide that an LLC formation is the best structure to have. There is a lot of flexibility within an LLC, which can be beneficial for both you and any business partners you may have. However, what’s important to remember is that this entity type is not federally recognized. This means it varies from state to state. As such, you may have to apply for EIN online to get it registered with the federal government. Let’s take a look. 

How Does an LLC Work?
A limited liability company is designed to allow business owners to run their company in a few different ways:

First, you can be an individual and form an LLC. In some states, you have to have at least two partners, but that’s not always necessary. 

Second, an LLC has pass-through tax benefits, which means that your business earnings and wages are not taxed separately. The money you make is only taxed once, not twice. 

Finally, since it has limited liability, partners in an LLC are not responsible for business debts or financial burdens. This is one of the better benefits of having this entity type. 

Overall, you can run the business on a more personal level while still keeping your liability to a minimum.

What is an EIN?
An employer ID number is used to create a separate tax entity for business purposes. While you can start your LLC with your social security number, an EIN may be necessary for the following reasons: 

  • You have employees
  • You have more than one partner
  • You wish to be taxed as a corporation or partnership (meaning you don’t want to use your SSN for business expenses)

To get an EIN, you can use a third-party organization to help you fill out the paperwork and get the number from the IRS. Fortunately, you can usually get the number in a day or so and start using it right away. An EIN is also helpful if you want to open a business bank account since most financial institutions won’t accept an SSN. 

Bottom Line
An EIN is not always necessary for an LLC, but it’s recommended. 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Moving Country: It's Expensive, But You Can Cut The Costs

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You’re probably excited and apprehensive about moving country in equal measure. The new experience is exciting, but the cost of moving can be stressful. Still, whilst moving your entire life to a brand new country was always going to be an expensive process, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to improve your situation. There are lots of ways to reduce the costs of moving so that you’ve prepared yourself financially. And that’s important because you’re going to need a strong financial safety net. Here’s some advice to cut the costs of moving country.

Learn about buying property abroad.
We’ve talked a lot about the logistics of buying property abroad before because it can be confusing for anyone who doesn’t understand the laws of a foreign property market. Of course, investing in foreign property is tricky whether you’re looking to sell on that property or keep it. It’s important that you learn about the foreign property market before you purchase a new home in a new country. You need to know how the terminology works in a foreign country, for example. That isn’t just a matter of the language barrier - it’s just that the property market isn’t universal. Details differ from country to country.

You might even want to seek help from a specialist who can help you with your property purchase to make sure that you’re getting a fair and cost-effective deal. Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of money on a bad property; and the costs might continue in terms of maintenance or other expensive aspects of the property that you didn’t fully understand because of the linguistic and legal difference between your present home country and your future home country.

Prepare for the costs of becoming a citizen in a new country.
Unless this is only a temporary move, you’ll probably need to become a full citizen if you’re going to move to a new country. Of course, this comes with its fair share of costs. You should head here if you’re looking for a cheap option when it comes to the immigration medical examination. The technical side of moving to a new country can be costly if you don’t do your research first. You might also want to save money by learning about the difference in cost of living when comparing your home country to your future home country. You might want to rethink your expenses to make a new budget for your new life. This will help you to avoid costly lessons once you’ve already moved.

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Transport your belongings cheaply.
The final way in which you could save money when moving country is to make sure you transport your belongings as cheaply as possible. Obviously, your possessions are very precious to you; you want to make sure they reach their new home safely. However, speed doesn’t matter. And you can save a lot of money by choosing to ship your belongings overseas rather than transporting them via plane. Otherwise, you could be spending 4 times as much as money. Save yourself a massive expense.

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Getting Older? Don't Panic

For a lot of people, getting older is a frightening prospect. The changes that the body goes through often do not mirror the mind, and age often comes with frailty, infirmity and a general vulnerability to illness. The life expectancy for men and women has continued to rise year on year, which means that you get the chance to live a lot longer – based on the right choices. Everyone wants to live that little bit longer, but there’s no point in living longer if you’re not going to live life in a healthy manner.

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Old age is something that should be taken very seriously. It demands to be taken seriously, whether you want to or not. You can’t be flippant about your age if you’re not looking after yourself. Remember the vulnerability that I mentioned earlier? Old age comes with that, and your body won’t be so accommodating of the pressure that you put on your body in your 20s when you’re 60. Living longer is the goal for many people, and with oncology research and medical research being as aggressive as it is today, it’s becoming the reality for many. Making even the smallest of changes can actually change your life entirely, but you have to be bold enough to make those choices and choose your health over anything else. There is no need to panic about getting older; it’s saved for the lucky ones. So, while you’re there and wondering how you can improve your life so that living longer is the result for you, check out these ways that you can do just that.

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1. Laugh. There is so much research out there that states that laughter is a good medicine. Not only has it been shown to ease pain, it can boost blood flow and help you to fight heart disease. Even when you don’t look unhealthy on the outside, your insides could be struggling. Laughter also boosts the mood and leads to overall motivation to do and be better.

2. Sleep. There is a balance that is required when it comes to the length of time that you sleep. Sleeping far too much is just as bad for you as not sleeping enough. You need a happy medium of around six to seven hours a night to be able to live longer than others. The human body is extremely resilient, but not enough to need less than four hours a night to repair and recharge.

3. Eat. Understanding the foods that make you healthy is one thing but understanding that garlic can extend your life is another. This stinky food may not be too nice to sniff during cooking, but it tastes amazing and is known as ‘nature’s antibiotic’. It’s a very powerful cleanser of the digestive system, and you can promote a healthy heart and good circulation with it. It can also lower your blood pressure. With high blood pressure being the side effect of many other issues, it’s important to know how to combat it. Given the importance of cancer research, there is a lot of evidence that can suggest the prevention of cancers of the digestive system can be aided with – you guessed it – garlic.

4. Sex. Being active in the bedroom isn’t just for fun, it’s going to make you healthier. You can keep active and reduce your risk of a heart attack by enjoying sex three to four times per week. Not only that, but you can sleep better and be far more content with your partner. This means a longer, happier life.

5. Tea. Tea is one of the drinks of the world that is so common to wake up to and there’s no denying the benefits of black or green tea on your health. Tea is packed with antioxidants and can help you to increase your bone density. A daily cup of tea is going to help you to boost your health and make you feel on top of the world.

6. Checks. When you have a shower, it’s important to go over your body with a personal health check yourself. Self-checking your breasts if you’re a woman and your testicles if you’re a man can mean the difference between being ill without knowing it and being in tune with your body. You’re going to live much longer if you catch lumps on your body that aren’t supposed to be there early enough.

7. Medical Appointments. Smear tests for women and prostate exams for men are no joke. There is nothing nice about an invasive procedure, but it’s going to save your life. Hang your dignity at the door along with your underwear for a quick examination that has the possibility of preventing any diseases which could kill you prematurely. Don’t be afraid; a little discomfort is far better than an early death.

8. Drink. While alcohol is usually off the list of things that are going to be healthy for you, a glass a day of red wine is actually very good for your health. The best thing for your health is always going to be water and drinking enough water every day will honestly change your life. You will find yourself far more energized and ready to take on the world if you are hydrating your body and brain properly every day. The human body is made of between 55-75% water, which sweats out of your pores and when you cry. 8 glasses a day is what we need for our health, so start counting.
Relax. Whether your favorite way to kick back is with friends or reading a good book, you need to find the time every single day to relax. It reduces your blood pressure and can really help any issues related to stress that you may be suffering. Relaxation exercises like these can make a huge difference to the way that you feel every day.

Taking the time to work on extending your life and living a healthier and happier lifestyle is never going to be a bad thing. You can never have any guarantees, but why not live the best life that you can, anyway?

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Create Your Own English Country Garden Anywhere

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English country gardens are renowned for being beautiful, sophisticated and positively blooming. They are the gold standard up to which other gardens should be measured. Best of all, you don’t even have to be English or live in England to have your own English country garden!

Wherever you may be, you can enjoy the singing if the birds, the buzzing of bees and the aroma of beautiful blooms in your own slice of England. Here’s how:

Keep Your Plant Choices Classic

It’s fair to say that the English country garden is pretty traditional and this is no more evident in the choice of plants that you will find there. Roses, primroses, daisies, and wisteria are amongst the most common English country garden choices. So, keep it simple and classic, but bring in as many colors and aromas as you can if you want to get off to a brilliant start.

Wisteria Up the Wall

While we’re on the subject of wisteria, if you happen to have a brick wall, there can be nothing more traditional English country garden than allowing wisteria or ivy to climb it’s way up the wall, adding some extra green and making the outdoor space look even more beautiful.

Don’t Forget the Fountain

Go to any big English country garden estate, and you are sure to see at least one water feature like the fountains at That means that if you want your garden to be authentic, you’ll need to install a fountain too. The bigger and more ornate it is the better! It’ll bring some much-needed tranquility to the garden.

Manicured Hedges and Topiary

English country gardens are most often lined by extremely precisely manicured hedges or shrubbery rather than lots of fences and walls because hedges are more natural and actively enhance the beauty of the garden. Not only that, but you will typically see interesting topiary shapes and sculptures somewhere on the grounds too. You know what you need to do!

Mature Trees

England has a lot of trees, and many of them are very old indeed. They are the English country garden’s protector and main source of decoration. So, don’t be afraid to bring in lots of mature trees, like the ones at and use them to line your garden alongside the hedges or as a feature in their own right. Pear trees, apple trees, cherry blossom, and oaks are great for getting the right feel, but any tree that is old and majestic and which will thrive in your garden will be fine.

Wonderful Wildflowers

Although English country gardens are pretty formal for the most part, many gardeners allow a small area of the garden to get a little wilder. You could let the grass grow long, and the trees grow freely to achieve this look, but planting wildflowers and allowing them to flourish in all their bright, bold beauty is probably a better idea, not only because they are more beautiful but also because they attract birds, bees butterflies, and frogs which are so much fun to watch.

Add all of these elements and your garden will look like it’s just been transported from England to your property for sure.

Mother to Son by Langston Hughes

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Mother to Son

by Langston Hughes

Well, son, I’ll tell you:

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

It’s had tacks in it,

And splinters,

And boards torn up,

And places with no carpet on the floor—


But all the time

I’se been a-climbin’ on,

And reachin’ landin’s,

And turnin’ corners,

And sometimes goin’ in the dark

Where there ain’t been no light.

So boy, don’t you turn back.

Don’t you set down on the steps

’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard.

Don’t you fall now - -

For I’se still goin’, honey,

I’se still climbin’,

And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair.

Beautiful poem by Langston Hughes. It speaks of a mother's encouragement to her son, that despite all the hardships, he must continue moving forward. 

Life is a never-ending journey. May you find enlightenment with this wonderful piece.

If you are a parent with a child (or children) in college, you would have been wracking your brains trying to figure out how you will survive financially for the rest of the year. The first semester of School Year 2014-2015 has started for a majority of universities in Metro Manila and the budget crunch for parents has begun all over again.

It is a known fact that in the Philippines, a degree earned in a reputable university instantly assures the graduate of a good job later on. However, not every Filipino parent can afford to pay the tuition fee. Some parents planned ahead and bought an educational insurance plan for their children to pay for college fees. This group of parents is the ones who had disposable income when they were starting off as a family. However, a majority of parents are the ones who take on private loans, sell farmlands, or take on second jobs to make ends meet. As a popular Filipino saying goes - "Ayan lang ang kaya kong ipamana sa iyo, anak." ("That is the only inheritance I can give you, my child."), which is probably the reason why parents tend to give up everything for a child to get a college education. To give you an idea of how much tuition fees are, check on the infographic below. That is the cost per unit, so if your child enrolls in 21 units (or credits), you'd have to multiply that amount by 21. I am sure these figures are higher now, considering this infographic was based on 2014 statistics.

Infographic designed by Jonathan Asuncion, and reported by AJ Abando (

Before the K+12 program was implemented by the Department of Education, high school graduates in the Philippines were 15-17 years old on the average. Eager to enroll in college and sensitive to their family's financial standing, these kids try to find employment to help out. 

Here are their options:

1. Apply for a part time job. Great. Workers get a decent per hour rate. However, most businesses that employ student workers would require "at least two years of college education." 
My questions are:  (a) Why would you need at least two years of college education to flip burgers and clean tables? (b) Would you need college algebra to bag groceries or work in a department store as a sales clerk? I am not stereotyping, however, there are some businesses that really require this, together with tons of licenses, permits and documents.

2. Apply for a job in the college/university. These are mostly clerical jobs - filing, typing, encoding. However, a grade point average should be maintained, and it does not pay much.

3. Offer tutorial lessons. Those students gifted with above average IQs can offer tutorials to their peers, high school students or grade school students in their neighborhood. 

4. Start a small business. They can save some of their allowances to use as a capital for a small business. They can sell goodies to their friends, like packed lunches, or cupcakes or homemade cookie cups. Those into arts and crafts can make things to hold gadgets in, like a pretty crocheted pouch, or make trendy loom bands.

5. The last and the best option they have is to study hard, get good grades and apply for a full academic scholarship. This way, they not only relieve their parents of the financial burden, they also bring pride and joy to the family. To see a child graduate with honors is one rewarding experience for parents. 

To conclude, I would want to applaud all parents out there, for their selfless work and sacrifice. I also throw up a prayer to God to bless all the college freshmen, that they take advantage of the privilege that has been given to them and to move forward to the future with gratefulness in their hearts. 

My dear children, go on and reach your dreams. 
Mama will always be here to support you in every way I can. 
That's my pinky promise!

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Residential water features such as a water fountain, aquarium, swimming pool, reflecting pool, pond, or even just a simple birdbath can make a big difference in any home environment. If you’re planning to install one in your home, it makes perfect sense to learn as much as you can about their benefits so you can have a better idea as to whether or not you should pursue the project. That said, here are some of the reasons why having a water feature in your home is actually a great idea.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal
Water features like a tiered front yard fountain, a waterfall, or a pond can make your home look a whole lot better on the outside, therefore raising its curb appeal and its equivalent monetary value. This is advantageous if there’s ever a need to sell your home in the future.

Raise the Value of Your Home in General
Even water features that are not necessarily seen from the outside can make your house more desirable. For instance, a family swimming pool or a backyard whirlpool can significantly bump up the value of your home because these are very sought-after amenities.

Beautiful D├ęcor for the Indoors and Outdoors
As already mentioned, installing a water feature can instantly beautify your home and its surroundings. Indoors, a beautiful wall fountain or a tabletop fountain can make any living room more interesting. Outdoors, a birdbath not only serves as an attractive decorative piece, it can also become haven for birds that need to cool down and drink.

Bring Nature into Your Home
One of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home is by installing a water feature. Some water features like aquariums and fish ponds are designed to serve as a home for living animals, and as such, they are often put together in a way that simulates the natural ecosystems where these animals thrive. Other water features are simply built to mimic inanimate features found in nature. For instance, a water-fountain-and-pond setup can incorporate natural stones, vegetation, and cascading waters to simulate a small tumbling stream that flows into a pond.

Relaxation and De-stressing
As a homeowner, there is probably nothing you’d like better than to retreat in the comfort of a relaxing home at the end of a long, tiring day. Having water features in your home can actually help in this regard, thanks to the soothing sound of their gently flowing and falling waters. Whether you have a tabletop fountain or a standing floor fountain, the sound of water can help calm your nerves as it will remind you of natural bodies of water.

Drown Out Unpleasant Sounds
Whether you hate the sound that your air-conditioning or refrigeration units make or your neighbors are annoyingly noisy every single day, you can count on your water feature to provide a pleasant background sound to drown out all these unpleasant noises.

Good for Your Health
Aside from their sound helping you de-stress, water features may also help in terms of actually physically making your environment healthier. Like your bathroom shower, water fountains naturally produce negative ions. Negative ions are invisible molecules that are believed to help increase the levels of the “happiness hormone” serotonin in the body, thus alleviating stress and depression. Negative ions are also generated by natural bodies of water like beaches and waterfalls.

With their many benefits, it’s understandable why many people would want to install a water feature in their home. How about you? Which water feature is your favorite?

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Pay Very Less for Awesome Items at!

I occasionally do online shopping, especially when pressed for time. Let's just say, I am a last minute shopper. Most online stores loaded with ads and this is a turn off for me. I favor purchasing items in an online store that is easy to navigate and offers unique high-quality products at the most affordable price. That is exactly how I discovered Bearyless

Bearyless is an eCommerce site that offers really great products perfect for gifting or for our own personal use. I am a homebody and anything that would make my home a little prettier is sure to catch my attention. I browsed the website and I found some items that I will purchase soon. Let me share these with you.
3D Light Rechargeable Moon Lamp with Touch Switch - $35.00 now only $22.99!

Click here to learn more about this product
This would make a really nice night lamp! Once I have this in my bedroom, I am sure it will help foster relaxation and a good night's sleep. I have always been in awe of the beauty of a full moon. Now I don't have to wait for 28 days. I can have it every night!

Wall Mount Hanging Glass Mini Aquarium / Fish Bowl and Plant Vase -$18.50

Click here to learn more about the product
Now, how cool is this! A wall mounted aquarium! I will put this on my wall in my home office. It would bring me a sense of calm just watching the little fish swimming around in that uniquely shaped fish tank. I am guessing my children would want to have this in their rooms too. 

Natural Rattan Storage Basket For Home - $18.00 now only $12.00!

Click here to learn more about the product
These natural rattan baskets are fantastic. I love the many ways I can use them around the house. I also find it awesome that these baskets can be folded and stored with ease!

Don't get me wrong. Bearyless is not only about home decor. They have fashion and beauty items too! Clothing, accessories, make up, etc! So if you are shopping for yourself, or for a gift for Mother's day, make sure to check out Bearyless. I guarantee you will find an item (or more) there that you will truly love to give and/or receive. 

Don't forget to follow their Facebook page here and grab the code for free shipping on orders totalling $75 above.

Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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6 Tips on House Training Your Puppy

House-training a puppy can be challenging, to the point where many owners simply resign themselves to just cleaning up wherever their canine companion leaves its doings. But house-training has more to offer than just allowing you to spend less time cleaning up after your puppy: it also helps them become a more well-mannered and disciplined pet, one that you can depend on to look after themselves on the occasions that you have to leave them unsupervised or in someone else’s care.

With that said, here are some tips that should make house-training your puppy an easier affair.

1. Get your puppy a good collar and leash. Contrary to the belief that you should let puppies go collarless until a certain age, it’s in fact to their benefit that you get a dog collar for your puppy as soon as possible. This not only allows them to get used to wearing one earlier, but also helps you secure them to a specific location when you’re not around to supervise them - thus protecting them from any danger their curiosity may put them into. A collar and leash is also definitely mandatory whenever you take them out for walks. Yes, we know that it’s irresistible to want to just carry them everywhere, but puppies need to be active.

2. Use the fifteen-minute rule to your advantage. A puppy’s digestive tract is very active and very small, so they’re very likely to need to go to the bathroom within five to fifteen minutes of doing pretty much anything: eating, drinking, exercising, or even waking up from a nap. You can take advantage of this regularity to teach them where exactly they can do their business. Bring them every time to this exact spot and they’ll soon remember it. You can also reinforce this lesson by rewarding them with a snack every time they eliminate in that spot.

3. Don’t punish accidents. Accidents can and will happen, especially when you’re house training a puppy. While it’s tempting to discipline your puppy for going where they weren’t supposed to go, either with a gentle hit on the nose or a chiding lecture, many trainers agree that it’s a very counter-productive move to do so.  Instead, simply clean the area where they eliminated as much as possible, enough that they won’t be able to smell any trace of themselves when they return to that area. Puppies and dogs are more comfortable eliminating in areas that they can smell their own urine and feces on, so in cleaning up their accident thoroughly they will be discouraged from returning to that place. You can then proceed with your training of your puppy as normal.

4. Always keep in mind your puppy’s ability to hold their bladder. As a rule of thumb, a puppy can hold their bladders for as many hours as they are how many months old, plus one. So a month-old puppy can hold their bladder for two hours maximum, a two-month old puppy can hold theirs for three, and so on. Keep this time limit in mind whenever you do activities with your puppy – letting them hold onto their urine for too long may not only cause them to have accidents but also make them feel comfortable about reveling in their own filth. It’s imperative that you don’t allow this behavior to take place by being mindful of their limits. 

5. Don’t rely on pads and newspapers. One of the most tried-and-true ways of house training is to train your puppy to eliminate on puppy pads and newspapers. While it’s possible to wean your pet off of them when the time comes, it may just complicate matter further and confuse your puppy in the long run. By training them to eliminate on a specific spot outside as soon as possible, you make things easier on both your dog and yourself.

6. Get a professional involved. If you’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t seem to be working out, remember that you can always ask for a professional’s help in house-training your puppy. However, this should only be your last resort, as having someone else house-train your dog in another location could obviously make it difficult for your puppy to get comfortable with eliminating when it needs to.
House training may seem like it’s more trouble than its worth, but by taking the time and effort to do so will instill important self-discipline in your pet, as well as ensuring their happiness and healthiness in the long run. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Health is a vital issue no matter what our age, but as we get a little older it can help to make it even more of a priority. After all, our health is the one thing that can have the power to improve our quality of life, something that most people want to maintain as much as possible as they age. With this in mind, check out the simple guide below on the health matters that those over 50 should be looking out for as they age. 

Hearing health 

Many people believe that hearing loss is a natural part of ageing and that it is very little we can do to prevent it. However, this isn't always the case. In fact, there are plenty of things that we can do to safeguard our hearing health throughout life.  

Picture source
The first thing is to try and minimize any infections in the ear. Decrease infections by rinsing out the ear canal after bathing or water sports, as this can prevent bacteria getting logged in there. Remember as the ear canal is a warm and moist place it is the perfect environment for such bacteria to grow, and when they do so your chance of having an infection that your body can find hard to fight off increases, and can damage your ears. 

Also, it can be useful to use hearing protection in situations that are noisy such as music performances or work environments. The reason ear protection is so necessary is that is can stop damage occurring to the hair follicle in the cochlea which can result in a decline in hearing health and even hearing loss over time. 

Heart health 

The over 50s also need to be aware of the health of their heart, as any unnecessary strain on this organ can be problematic. The health of the heart is so crucial because it is a vital organ that pumps blood around our bodies, and that means we cannot do without it. After all, if it is not working at full capacity, it can cause all sorts of issues from fatigue to poor circulation, to heart attacks. 

Keeping the heart healthy for the over 50s is something that requires a three-pronged approach. The first is to have a regular checkup that looks out for problems such as atrial fibrillation that you may not be aware you have. 

In addition, eating well and keeping at a healthy weight is vital to this. Also exercising to keep the heart strong and blood pumping around the body is an essential part of maintaining heart health well into your 50’s and beyond. 

Bone health 

Another issue that many folks over the age of 50 can experience is a problem with bone density. This condition is particularly evident in women of this age because the hormonal changes brought about by menopause can speed up the loss of bone matter in the body. 

Minimize the risk of this, by maintaining a healthy diet that includes plenty of calcium as this is used to build and strengthen the skeleton. It is also vital that you cut out any other actions that mean you are a higher risk such as smoking, excessive drinking and taking some medications. Lastly getting a regular scan and taking supplements to help improve bone density can be useful in minimizing this issue in those over 50. Something you can read more about here.

Mental health 

Lastly, let us not forget that mental health issues are often prevalent amongst those that are over 50, at least as much as those under this age. After all, ageing can be tough as not only do you have to deal with physical changes in your body but also the psychological impact of major life changes such as menopause, empty nesting, retirement, and the like. 

Luckily, there are plenty of approaches that can help you keep mentally healthy no matter what life throws at you. The first step to accessing these is usually finding out what specific problem it is that you are suffering from. Many people use online diagnostic tools for this, or go and see their doctors who can then refer them to a specialist that will be able to provide coping strategies for anxiety and depression issues. 

Remember that if your mental health isn't too good, it's likely that your physical health and quality of life can suffer as well. With this in mind, it is vital that you deal with any mental health issues as promptly as you would physical ones, particularly if you want to safeguard your health well into your 50s and beyond. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Remember MTV Cribs, the show that let us peek into the homes of the rich and famous? Yeah, that was a double-edged sword. On the one hand: it was fun to see just how glamorous life can be. But on the other: it showed us a home we’ll likely never possess for ourselves! But it’s important to remember that you don’t need to have millions in the bank to have a luxurious home. While you might not have your own custom-made swimming pool or home cinema system, there are plenty of ways to up your home’s luxury levels. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Focus On the Main Rooms

You’re not going to have the budget to overhaul your entire home with luxury decor, but then again, you don’t need to. Instead, focus your luxury attentions on a few key areas in your house. In particular, the bathroom, living room, and kitchen. These are the three most important rooms, the ones where you spend most of your time (excluding the bedroom that is, but who sees that besides you and your partner?). Take a look at a few ways to make your kitchen feel more luxurious, and in no time at all, you’ll feel like you’re on an episode of Cribs when you’re cooking. Well, nearly. 

Add Luxury Touches

Luxury is just what looks good and what doesn’t look like it was grabbed from the bargain bin; whether it’s big or small in size is not important. As such, why not make the most of a few small, inexpensive additions you can make around the house? It’s all about the finishing touches. For example, switch out the door handles that came with your purchase for a more luxury option. The cost will be next to nothing, but the impact will be big. 

Get Individual 

If you’re after a luxury look in the home, then you’re going to have to avoid those mass-produced items that you find in the big superstores. Everyone has them, and even though they can look good, their charm is kind of undone by just how ubiquitous they are. Instead, get individual, and show off your personality at the same time. For your lamps, look at getting a stained glass version from For your wall decoration, don’t buy the same blown-up photograph every has on their walls; scour vintage markets, and pick up something unique and with a backstory. 

Well-Lit Spaces

If you’ve ever spent any time in a luxury hotel, you might have noticed something: they’re extremely well-lit. This is the secret to creating a luxury feel! You want lights that show off the strengths of your home, while also being functional. If you don’t know where to begin, take a read of what you should be doing to get the best light in each room at

Unique Furniture

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of unique furniture! Hit those flea markets, pick up something old school and unique, and your home will be screaming luxury in no time.

From One Financial Extreme To Another

Money is not an object to some lucky people out there, but to others, it’s the biggest object in their life. So to go from one financial extreme to the other is pretty hard, and a lot of people actually never manage to do it. Once you’re stuck in a bit of a rut with money, it’s definitely hard to try and get out of it. But, there’s more to life than being stuck in a rut with money, so we’ve come up with a few tips that should help to take you from one financial extreme to another, see how the pointers below might be able to help you.

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Your Monthly Spendings

It can be quite intimidating listing all of the things that you have to pay for in one month. The list might seem small in your head, but once you write it out on paper and actually start putting prices next to the names, you’ve got a bit of a problem on your hands. One of the biggest monthly expenses is household bills, but luckily they’re one of the easiest to reduce. First, you’ve got the actual gas and electricity bills, they’re the worst. To get them down you just need to think smart, and even get a smart meter. That way you’re able to monitor exactly what you’re spending on both electricity and water each month. If you see it creeping up, you can take measures to make sure it stays down. Making sure you’re using energy saving light bulbs, only having the heating or air con on when necessary, and restricting shower times to ten minutes. It might seem a little strict, but if you’re looking to change your financial situation, then you’re going to have to take drastic measures.

Big Troubles

If you’re at the bad end of the financial extreme, then you could be going through some big troubles. One of the biggest is definitely bankruptcy, and it can often be intimidating for people to admit they’re going through that. If you are, chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers are the people you need to contact. They will do everything in their power to make sure you’re keeping as many of your personal possessions as possible. Recovering from something like this, or debt, is what will take you from one financial extreme to another. With bankruptcy, the first thing you need to do is find a job that will provide you with a good enough income to support the payments you’ll need to make. It’s also about staying mentally strong through the whole ordeal, especially if you have a family to care for. If an extra income is what you need to recover from either debt or bankruptcy, here’s one really easy way of earning some extra money.

Extra Income

One of the easiest and cheapest that you can do from the comfort of your own home is blogging. All you need to do is make the initial payment of buying a domain name and a server to host it on. Then find a great theme and something you wish to write about. All you need to do then is gain some followers and start contacting companies for collaborations. Within a few months, you should have a decent enough following to be able to make some big money!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It’s easy to take your parents for granted, and because they’re the parent in this relationship, you might forget that they often need your help and support too. That’s why you need to be ready to help them look after their health and general wellbeing as they get older. It doesn’t have to be a burden for you, but even helping them out in small ways can make a real difference to how they live their lives. So read on to learn more about the specifics of all this.

Start by Talking More

First of all, you’re going to need to get into the habit of talking more to your parents about the situation they’re in with their health. That means the conversation you have will be entirely dependent on what situation they’re in right now. Only when the dialogue is open is it possible for you to be truly helpful to your parents. Nothing gets archived when nobody’s talking.

Don’t Let Them Rely on Public Transport

One of the things that gets harder when you’re a little older is getting from A to B. It’s one of those things that seems so effortless when you don’t have to think about it. But getting around and trying to navigate public transport can be difficult for people who are a little older. So get into the habit of taking them to where they need to go as often as you can. That way, they won’t have to rely on public transport so much.

Ensure The Care They Receive is Up to Scratch

If your parent is already receiving care of one form or another, it’s important to make sure that they’re being cared for in the right way. Check up on them and get to know their carers. That way, you can be sure that nobody is mistreating your parents in any way. If you do find examples of mistreatment, visit Gray Law Group and get legal advice from there. You can’t just accept things like that.

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Listen to Their Wishes

They’re the ones who should be in the driving seat when it comes to how you help them. You shouldn’t assume that you know best because that’s not necessarily the case. It’s important that you recognise the types of roles that you’re going to have to assume. Being a good listener is where all that begins.

Take Steps to Help Them With Mobility

Mobility can be a big problem, and it’s often biggest in the home. Even simple modifications to the home can make it so much easier to get around for your parents if their mobility is faltering a little. It’s also a case of confidence. With the right support in place, they’ll feel much more confident on their feet, which has to be a good thing.

Looking after your parents in their older years is not always easy, but it’s a challenge that you have a responsibility to take on. After all, they were always there for you when you needed them most, so it’s only right that you should help them out in any way you can now that you have the chance to.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring has finally sprung and that means that more of us are looking ahead to the warmer season and nicer weather. It certainly means that we dusting off the cobwebs of winter, both personally and within our homes. It is amazing how the sun shining through the window can highlight some of the areas they may need your focus on your home. I thought I would share with you some of the ways that you can get your home ready for spring with the actions that you can take. 

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Ensuring any air conditioning is working 

The weather is about to turn warmer, and so our homes can become the stuffy and uncomfortable environments to be in if we are not careful. This is when air conditioning can really help. It has the power to keep your home cool in the summer months. But, the chances are you won’t have used it for some time. This is when get companies that are experts in Heating, Cooling and Plumbing can really help you. Ensuring that all aspects of your air conditioning system are working as they should be so that you can rest assured that even on the hottest of days your home will be cool. 

Spring cleaning to the max

Spring cleaning is one of those things that many of us feel motivated to do at this time of year. It is a chance to really give our homes the thorough cleaning they need, especially have the hibernation period of winter. There is nothing like the sun shining through your window and highlighting ever spec of dust. Get yourself a list and note down all of the jobs and chores you want doing. Give yourself a routine or schedule for each room and see the difference a good clean could make to your home. 

Decluttering your home

We can let clutter build up over time, and this can less than ideal if you are wanting a clean and tidy space. Now would be the ideal time to start decluttering your home of anything you no longer love, want or need. Websites like eBay area great platform to utilise to get rid of things that are still working, and then recycling things that are not worth anything. Don’t forget that you could also donate to charity shops to help them. 

Adding spring interior touches

Finally, why not add some spring touches to your home? Fresh flowers are a great way to add some colour and a subtle hint of scent to your home. You could consider changing the theme in terms of colour and add some new cushions into the mix, or new pastel shades for the spring season ahead. Other people like to add different touches to their home in terms of decorations like banners and reefs on the door. Also, at this time of year, people actually use it as a chance to totally redecorate or at least freshen up the walls. 

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to help get your home ready for spring. 

We know that cooking at home isn’t always the most enjoyable activity. After a long day at work, it’s much more tempting to just look at the takeout delivery options available, and fill your stomach with delicious, unhealthy foods. If we do cook at home, it’s often something quick and simple - and not so tasty. However, once you get the hang of creating restaurant-worthy foods in your own home, you won’t look back! Below, we take a look at a few useful tips that’ll have you on the way to impressing friends and family - not to mention yourself - with meals you could eat and eat and eat.

Do it More

No-one is born with talent; it takes time to acquire. Cooking is no different. If you’re not used to it, then the cutting, prepping, and cooking will feel like a chore. Yet there’s no great mystery to making delicious meals at home; indeed, it’s one of those things that you can get pretty good at, pretty quickly. If you commit to a month of meals at home, then you’ll be a whizz in the kitchen. Pick a few easy to make recipes, set aside the time, and you’ll notice an improvement in no time. 

Invest in the Best Ingredients

The key to making the best meals has little to do with chopping correctly or making it look aesthetically pleasing; it’s about using the best ingredients that you can find. Take your vegetables. There’s a huge difference, when it comes to taste quality, between pre-packaged supermarket purchases and the veg that you’d find at a local farmer’s market. It’s like most other things you can buy: the best may be ever so slightly more expensive, but it’ll taste significantly better. If you don’t believe us, try it: make the same meal with budget and quality ingredients. You’ll notice the difference. 

Stepping up Your Equipment

If you currently only have the standard issue pots and pans in your kitchen cupboards, then you might want to think about investing superior equipment. For starters, it’ll allow you to make better, more interesting meals. If you have a meat grinder, for example, then you can make your own hamburgers and sausages, which will be much better than the store bought options; if you don’t know what meat grinder would be appropriate for you, check out A food processor, skillet, and slow cooker will also be worthy investments. 

Taste and Improve

Practice makes perfect, as they say. Once you’ve made a meal, don’t automatically move onto something new the next time it comes to dinner time. Instead, really taste your food, and think of ways you can improve it next time around. After making a meal three or four times, you should have the taste down - and from there, it’s all about putting your own creative spins on the dish. 

Eat Out 

Finally, remember that eating out is good for your cooking too. Go out, see what’s on the menu, and use it as inspiration for your own meal ideas. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

9 Parts of the Body that Need More TLC

More often than not, our personal care and beauty regimens focus on the most visible parts that are easily noticed by others, like the face, hair, arms, and legs. However, in our effort to keep these parts healthy and beautiful, we forget some small or hidden areas that also need some TLC. Here are a few areas of the body that deserve more attention.

1. Scalp
If you don’t take care of your scalp, your hair won’t be able to look its best. In fact, many hair issues like severe hair fall or dry and brittle hair is caused and/or aggravated by an unhealthy scalp. Make sure to choose a shampoo that suit your scalp’s condition; using the right product can help resolve a lot of scalp-related problems without the need for expensive treatments. You should also occasionally massage your scalp with an oil like coconut or jojoba to stimulate blood circulation and hair growth. Lastly, exfoliating your scalp is an important step in keeping it healthy, to unclog hair follicles and remove dead, dry skin. Just add some brown sugar or even baking soda to your shampoo and scrub gently. 

2. Lips
The lips are just a small part of your face but they make a big impact. Keep them healthy by exfoliating them regularly using lip scrubs made from natural ingredients. Korean brand Skinfood, for example, uses avocado, sugar, jojoba, shea butter, and lime oil to remove dry skin and nourish and moisturize the lips. After scrubbing, give your pout a layer of protection by applying a moisturizing lip balm. You should also consider using lipsticks, lip tints, and lip balms that contain SPF because the lips can also get sunburned.

3. Neck and Decolletage
A dry and wrinkled neck and decolletage can draw the attention away from your glowing, silky-smooth face. Taking care of your neck and decolletage is as easy as including them in your cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing routines. Massaging these parts will also help trigger the production of collagen and elastin to maintain firmness. There are also a lot of facial and neck exercises that helps prevent premature wrinkles and sagging skin.

4. Underarms
Shave your underarms toward the end of your shower, so that the warm water has had time to “soak” and soften your ‘pits, making it easier to get a close shave. Don’t forget to use a new, sharp razor and apply shaving cream to achieve a smoother result. You should also dry your underarms completely and wait for about ten minutes after shaving before applying any product, like antiperspirants or whitening creams, to prevent irritation.

5. Belly Button
Taking care of your navel is as simple as washing it gently yet thoroughly every time you shower, and then drying it completely to prevent the growth of germs and bacteria. If the skin around your belly button gets a bit dry, you may try applying moisturizing oils or lotions in and around the area.

6 & 7. Hands and Feet
Did you know that your hands can look older than your actual age? They’re the parts of our body that gets the most use every single day, and because we wash them so often, they can get quite stiff and dry. Likewise, your feet also take much abuse every single day -- especially if you wear heels to work.

One of the simplest ways to take care of your hands and feet is to exfoliate and moisturize them regularly. Schedule a monthly mani-pedi to maintain your nails and get the blood flowing to your extremities. You should also apply hand and foot creams (or just some good ol’ lotion), especially before going to bed so that the moisturizers have time to work overnight.

8 & 9. Elbows and Knees
Dry and sagging skin in your elbows and knees can age you almost as much as wrinkles on your face. To keep your elbows and knees in great shape, you should regularly exfoliate them to soften the skin. You can do this by scrubbing them gently with the same exfoliant that you use on your face; you can also dry-brush them prior to taking a shower. Afterwards, don’t forget to moisturize. Exercise is also a great way to keep your elbows and knees strong and firm.

Taking care of your body involves each and every part, no matter if they’re small or hidden or don’t get too much notice. Start giving these body parts some well-deserved TLC today!

One quick look at an investment and you’ll think “oh my god, how does anyone understand any of this?!” To a layman, the idea that you can turn a couple of bucks into a million dollars is as easy as learning quantum theory. Sure it’s possible, but the chances of it happen are slim to zero. Anyway, that’s the attitude individuals have, particularly if there is a lack of knowledge and experience. Do you know this culture of fear is reducing your ability to make money?

No one expects you to take like a duck to water. Investments aren’t guaranteed and there are bound to be errors along the way. However, success is relative so there’s no reason to make as much as a Buffett or Musk. It’d be nice, but it’s important to stay grounded in the beginning.

With those words of advice ringing in your ears, below are the tips which should ease your fears. This is advice that makes people think “yes, yes I can!” 

Ride Winners And Sell Losers

Conventional wisdom dictates that you should buy low and sell high. Another good piece of advice though it is, selling at the right time is the key to success. Get rid too soon and you may lose money, yet keep hold for too long and the investment may tank. So, the simple equation is to sell the losers (obviously) and ride the winners until they begin to turn. Everyone wants to know the nuclear codes, and the truth is there aren’t any. What there are is a set of guidelines which any investor can use to their benefit. Take a loser as an example. Stocks underperform, and there’s a chance they will bounce back. Still, if it has been a while and it shows no signs of recouping its losses, it’s time to get out unscathed. Never let ego prevent you from making a savvy financial move. 

Cool Down On The Small Details 

Regarding the research that goes into choosing an option, the fine print is essential. This example, though, is talking about something else, something called short-term gains and losses. Using generic rules isn’t a smart move on the whole, yet this generalization holds true: investments fluctuate. Whether they go up or down, they tend not to stay steady for the first couple of months. In fact, it can take a year for a stock or share to plateau at a constant rate. Please don’t worry when there is a hike because it isn’t a clear indicator of the future. A feature of the market may make investors take a gamble or pull out, but they will be back. Short-termism hits new investors all of the time and it’s essential to stay strong and hold firm. After a year or two is when it will start to show its true colors.

Avoid Penny Stocks

Ever watched Wolf of Wall Street? If you haven’t, Jordan Belfort made millions from trading these stocks and he was a shady character. Not that a Hollywood movie should stop you investing, but the film does show you the risks. To lay it out plain and simple, there is as much risk with a penny stock as a high-value option. Imagine you invest $10 compared to $100 and it drops to $0. $10 may only be a small amount, yet it’s 100% of the total investment. By the law of percentages, if a $100 stock fell by 50%, you’d lose a small chunk of change in comparison. Also, you have to take into account the reliability factor. There is slight chance that the penny stock may boom into a winner and provide a huge ROI. The odds, however, are high that it’ll fall in value and you’ll lose the stake. A reputable option costs more but carries less risk.

Don’t Gamble On A “Hot” Tip

“Hey, do you want some advice? Cool, because this stock is about to soar. It’s 100% guaranteed.” Investors find themselves in conversations like this on a regular basis, and there is a sign it’s a scam. The glaring symbol is the fact that they advertise it as a sure-thing. Nothing is certain regarding investment, and you should remember this at all times. Gambling on a tip is a poor move because it neglects the legwork needed to be successful. Wealthy men and women don’t take advice based on random strangers in the street. Instead, they find the areas where they think there are opportunities and investigate. They may have more resources and more knowledge, but anyone can conduct a simple Google search without any hassle. Should you hear something and check it out, it’s a different matter because you’ve evaluated the pros and cons. Just don’t take a person at their word if they are unreliable and untrustworthy.


You’ll hear this term a lot because there is never a reason to put all of your eggs in one basket. Portfolios need to include a variety of investments as it lowers risk and increases the chances of making money. How you do it is the trick and it’s where the majority of people fail. Typically, beginners see diversifying as dipping into separate industries. So, as well as having gold and real estate, they’ll add stocks and shares. There; all done. Not quite because to be successful there has to be a range of risk too. Usually, a portfolio will have a majority of steady options, but it’s also important to include high-risk, high yield. Bitcoin may qualify depending on your position, and you can check out more investing info by following the link. The high-risk stuff should only be a small percentage of the overall investment, of course. Too much of it and you may end up doing the thing you tried to avoid in the first place.

Pick A Plan And Be Consistent

Last but not least, it’s best to choose a strategy and stick with it through the good and the bad times. Everyone has a personal style, and it makes the process easier which is why it isn’t closed-minded to stick rather than twist.

Do you think you can be a successful investor after reading this post?