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Yes, it may sound a bit cliche, but it’s remarkable how much the phrase ‘clean home, clear mind’ rings true. Truly, when you are surrounded by a good, healthy and clean standard of living in your home, your mind reacts to it. And it reacts to it by being clear; and when your mind is clear it has the potential to do anything you ask of it or it asks of itself. So, get to work on giving your home a clean, whether it’s spring time or not!

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The best way to start any home clean is to target all of the mess in or directly outside of it that can pose a very serious risk to your health. And, more often than not, this means specifically targeting any rubbish or junk that may have been left to rot anywhere near your home. In this case, first and foremost you must ensure that you mandate all instances of the throwing out of garbage. You must keep your own bins as empty as can be. You must ensure that the professional waste removal companies that deal with your bins are doing their jobs both regularly and well. And you must take any garbage that is big enough to warrant being taken to a nearby tip, to your local tip. You must do these things if you want to have both a clear mind, and a clean bill of health.

Mandating your rubbish disposal isn't the only thing that you need to do in your home in order to retain the standard of health that you deserve and keep your mind as clear as can be. No, you must also do all you can to protect your home from the plight that is pesky pests too. Pests, such as bedbugs, ticks and termites, may be tiny creatures but they can make a big impact on your health if given the chance to. So, it’s your job to ensure that they don’t get the chance to do so by banning them from your home. To do this you should always be vigilant. You should always check your bed and keep it clean in order to deter bedbugs. You should regularly check any pets that live with you for any ticks that they may have picked up outside. And you should always keep an eye on any wood in your home in order to try and spot, and subsequently banish, termites. By doing so you keep your home clean of pests and, more importantly, you keep you and your family safely away from them too. Taking care of your health doesn’t have to hurt; well, it doesn’t have to hurt you anyway. It can hurt all the pesky pests and the germs that they harbour, but it doesn’t have to hurt you. 

And, continuing in this vein, you also need to keep a look out for creatures of bigger stature in your home and its surrounding area that can have a detrimental impact on your health. Specifically, this means keep a lookout for any animals that may have died within the borders of your property, or even outside of them. It’s not nice to think that wild animals such as skunks, opossums, foxes and deers (just to name a few) can meet such bitter ends, like being hit by a car or being killed by another animal in a fight. It’s not nice to think that they can suffer and die in such a way. Unfortunately, however, this is just the way the cycle of life works. And, unfortunately, the bodies that these animals leave behind need to be dealt with and removed as soon as can be. This is because as the dead body decays, it will begin to attract flies. These flies will then lay eggs in the carcass. These eggs will then turn into maggots, which will then turn into flies. And, before you know it, your home will be infiltrated with millions of disease carrying flies. And, whilst all of this is happening, there will be a smell emanating from the dead body the likes of which you will have never smelt before and will never want to smell again. So, have the body of any dead animals that you see in the area of your home removed by professionals as soon as you can. And do not fear as there are a whole host of professionals in that particular field the world over that will assist you with the likes of dead deer removal from the outside of your home, and the removal of creatures such as skunks and rats that have died within it. Remember: as soon as you spot a dead carcass, make sure it is dealt with.

But cleaning your home doesn’t just have to benefit your health. No, by cleaning your home and keeping it clutter free you can improve a whole host of other areas and aspects of your life too. For example, when you keep your home clean and tidy, you make it less likely to misplace and lose things. Thus, you help to keep your mind clear and save time on searching for things, such as your keys or your TV remote. Also, what keeping your home clean and tidy can do is improve your social life and subsequently the confidence that can be gained from it. When you keep your home clean and guest friendly you are more likely to invite others over to it. And when this happens, it is a lot easier to both forge and then retain relationships. So, get to tackling all those watermark rings on your coffee table and then invite your friends over for coffee. Just make sure they use a coaster so as to avoid watermark rings appearing again!

Being surrounded by filth in your home makes you far more likely to have a clouded mind. And a clouded mind can harm you in any number of ways. It can hold you back in work. It can keep you from forging social relationships. And it can make you suffer with issues regarding self confidence and self negativity. So, keep your home as clean as can be!

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Unfortunately for all of us, money doesn’t grow on trees. So when we find ourselves in debt, it can be extremely difficult to make our way out of it. Think about it: debt is the result of excessive spending or living beyond our means. When our outgoings exceed our income, we turn to lenders to make payments that we can’t truly afford. Once we see the error in our ways, we may be able to stop lending, but finding the cash to replace what we’ve borrowed can be difficult. After all, our income tends to be spent on essentials such as rent or mortgage payments, bills and living essentials. Interest rates mean that our debts are continually growing, while our income generally remains consistent meaning that we are constantly slipping further and further into the red. So, if you’re struggling to make your way back into the black, here are a few things that can help you to make your way towards a better credit rating and a positive balance as quickly as possible.

Credit Repair

As you manage to chip away at your outstanding balances, you may start to turn your attention towards repairing your credit score. Chances are that being in debt has reduced your rating, warning other lenders off or encouraging them to impose higher interest rates on the amounts that they are willing to offer you. You will need a positive credit score in order to take out future loans for things such as a mortgage, wedding, or car. Even if you have no current plans of making large investments, it’s good to have the option there when you do set your mind or heart on something. A first step towards improving your rating is to ensure that you always meet payment deadlines or due dates. Paying on time shows that you can be trusted to ensure that you have the funds ready to pay your dues as promised or agreed. For further advice on increasing your rating quickly and easily, check out creditrepair.co. This comprehensive page offers all sorts of specialist financial tips and tricks. Who knows, you may well be making mistakes that you aren’t even aware of!

Creating a Budget (and sticking to it)

The reason that most people are in debt in the first place is irresponsible or unwise spending. At some point or another, it is likely that you have exceeded your budget, or simply haven’t had one to start with. So, it’s time to get into good habits by creating a realistic budget and sticking to it. This is simple enough. All you need is a notepad, pen and perhaps a calculator. Sit down and note down your total salary after tax. This can be on a monthly or yearly basis. Now, total up the overall cost of your necessary expenses (this can include bills and other essential living costs). The amount that is left is your disposable income. This is how much you should have been living off in the first place. However, as you have thus far been irresponsible with your finances, you will have to put this disposable income towards clearing your outstanding bills.

Don’t expect to make your way out of credit overnight. It will be a slow process, but entirely worth every bit of time and effort that you invest into it.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Home improvements are always high on every homeowner’s agenda. Annoyingly, though, the hectic nature of modern life means that we often fail to reap the true rewards. So, why not aim for future upgrades that will actively generate a little more free time too?

It can feel like a daunting challenge, but many of the jobs are quite easy. The key is to use a creative mindset to analyze the possibilities. Here are just four tasks that are sure to work wonders for your lifestyle as well as the property.

Using Artificial Intelligence 

The home doesn’t start and end with the four walls. The garden is an equally important factor, and it can bring a whole new dimension to your daily life. Unfortunately, the ongoing work needed to keep it in good health can be a little demoralizing.

Adding an artificial lawn is just one step en route to creating a garden that requires minimal maintenance. Let’s face it; most people are happy to complete the transformation as a one-off job. It’s the weekly tasks that truly eat away at your free time. Overcoming this obstacle is highly beneficial.

If nothing else, it’s sure to turn your outdoor spaces into the envy of your neighbors. 

Removing The Trash

Given that the property is the foundation for all daily activities, it’s hardly surprising that most families make a lot of mess. While this isn’t an issue in itself, the time needed to restore those appearances can be a nightmare.

Garbage disposal units can save you valuable minutes on a daily basis, especially when you choose a high quality model. Meanwhile, you could get back out in the garden to create a compost. Turn those trash management duties into something more productive, and you will not regret it.

Go Minimalist

Building on the idea of keeping trash to a minimum, why not opt for minimalist interior designs? The amount of products hoarded by the average household is simply astonishing. A thorough spring clean, followed by a garage sale, can work wonders. Not only will it generate revenue, but it will reduce ongoing cleaning matters.

It’s easier to keep the home looking its best when it’s blessed with open spaces. Utilize the walls with TV brackets and other design quirks, and you’ll be amazed at how much time it saves you over the course of a month.

Build An Office

The needs of the modern family have evolved at a rapid rate in recent years. Nowadays, home offices are considered to be an essential feature. In truth, they could open up a host of opportunities.

In most cases, this will mean transforming the guest room into an office. This job can add serious value to the home. In the meantime, though, the ability to work from home could cut travel times. Moreover, keeping your life organized with the help of spreadsheets and computer tools will work wonders.

Home offices are a modern phenomenon for the average person, but you cannot resist the need any longer. For the sake of your time, sanity, and property, it’s a very worthy investment.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

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There are many advantages to your children having a great relationship with their extended family. In particular, their grandparents. This relationship can help the children to feel safe and loved, increase their experience of the world around them, and help them to learn more from their grandparents own experiences and opinions. It can also help the grandparents to feel like they matter and to live a longer and happier life. Spending time with their grandkids could even help to prevent long term health conditions and keep them active and healthy for a lot longer.

While there are obvious benefits, grandparents often struggle for ideas of what they can do with their grandchildren. We all know how hard it is to keep up with children’s interests and fashions after all! Here are some great ideas of things grandparents and grandchild could do during their precious time together. 


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Who bakes better than granny? Cooking with kids is an enormously enjoyable experience, and grandparents have generally got more patience for the mess than parents, seen as they get to send them home at the end of it! Baking is a fun, cheap and safe indoor activity. Perfect for a rainy day at grandma’s. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas on baking with kids. 


Dancing is a wonderful way of highlighting, and bridging, the generation gap! Get the kids and grandparents to show off their moves. They might even teach each other a thing or two. 


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There are tons of crafts kids can have a go at with their grandparents. They could even spend the time making some cool gifts to take home to mummy and daddy. If at some point the grandparents struggle to get out and have Live in Care Services to help, this would be a great option. Some great ideas include:
  • Papier Mache
  • Sewing
  • Knitting
  • Scrapbooking
  • Photo frame making
  • Colleges

The messier, the better!

Build a Family Tree

Who better to help the kids research their family and plot a family tree? Kids love finding out about their relatives and what they got up to, and it can be an excellent way to teach them more about history and the world around them. 

Play Video Games

Playing video games with grandparents can be hilarious, especially if they haven’t done it much in the past. Let the kids introduce all their favorites and find fun games that everyone can enjoy together. You never know, grandparents might surprise you all.

Go to the Library

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Going to the library with the kids is something we should all do. It’s a wonderful way of introducing them to new books and authors and getting them excited about reading. But, many of us don’t have time to do it as often as we would like to. Going to the library with nanny and grandad could become a weekly event, something they do together. 

Having a large, loving family is great for everyone and the older generation have so much to offer our kids, it’s important that we give them the chance. Encourage them to spend as much time having fun together as possible.

Everybody wants to be healthy, of course. It’d be a little strange to say you didn’t care about the health of your body. Nonetheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean the majority of us want to put in the work it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therein lies the problem, however. We see healthy living as “work” in modern society. It’s a “chore” to try and find time to keep your body active and eat the right kinds of food because you’re a busy person and you spend most of the day sitting at your desk, sitting in your car, or sitting in front of the TV at home.

We live sedentary lifestyles. That’s the real reason so many of us feel glum about the thought of exercise. It sounds tiring, painful, and a boring way to spend your time. Of course, staying physically active is only one part of being healthy. There are so many aspects of your lifestyle which can be marginally altered to massively improve your health and we’re going to look at just a few of them so you can start to see that living healthily isn’t as much of a “chore” as you’d like to believe.

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Physical health.
Let’s start off with the fun stuff then. You’re wincing at the thought of hitting the gym several hours a day and living on a diet of broccoli and celery but that just means you’ve misinterpreted what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a stable state of physical health is all about maintaining a stable diet and exercise routine. What that means is you need to be thinking about moderation and balance. It’d be unhealthy for you to live on a diet consisting solely of fruit and vegetables, so don’t mourn the loss of meat, pasta, or even chocolate just yet.

The key to a good diet is to find a healthy balance; a little of everything is the best way to go. You need potassium, fiber, carbohydrates, and iron from foods such as pasta and vegetables. However, you also need a little bit of salt and sugar, so the occasional burger with salty chips or the odd slice of chocolate cake won’t do you any harm. What you must remember, of course, is that such treats should remain “occasional”. Once you start eating better in this way, you’ll find that your body and mind both improve; exercise might become far easier as a result. You’ll have more energy because you’ll be eating the right kinds of food. You don’t need to run a marathon but aim to do 10,000 steps a day or, at the very least, go on a nice walk around your local area for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

Whilst this point may apply more to people who are getting on in terms of age, it’s an aspect of health that everybody should take on board. Your senses are very precious and you shouldn’t ignore the warning signs if your hearing starts to fade. Many people make matters worse by dealing with poor hearing by turning up the volume on devices, for example. You may not be able to hear things as well but that doesn’t mean loud noises aren’t doing just as much damage to your eardrums, so rather than filling your ears with more noises, you should work on fixing them. You could do some research into hearing aid features if you think that might be a good solution for you. The point is that leaving your ears or any damaged senses unintended can cause them more damage.

Quit bad habits.
Another way to improve your health is to curb bad habits. We all have ways of getting ourselves through the day and improving our mood. Some of us like to watch TV, some of us like to eat chocolate, and some of us might like the occasional drink or cigarette. The problem is that these treats can turn into addictions very quickly. If you want to think about your health in the long term then you should work on reducing the amount you might smoke or drink so as to prevent health issues such as heart problems, liver damage, and even cancer in the future.

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In the office.
I think it’s important to talk about your health when you’re outside the house too. Whilst at work, you probably have a little less freedom with your time. That might have been the source of your inactive and unhealthy lifestyle. Of course, becoming too absorbed in your work can lead to stress and anxiety, which are very unhealthy for your brain as well as your body. That’s why it’s crucial to find a way to look after yourself at work. Take the occasional break to walk around your office (or even the company car park). You should also make sure you have an ergonomic chair and keyboard to keep your joints healthy and reduce aches or pains.

The weather’s getting colder; however, there’s plenty of spiced lattes, movie nights, and cozy nights in front of the fire ahead as the seasons change. Will all those warm nights in your house and hot baths; you might be spending a lot of money on maintaining that cozy feeling. The added expense of the upcoming festive season will also cost more than you’d normally spend in a month, so you could end up heading towards new year out of pocket. However, there are plenty of ways to enjoy fall and winter, without spending a fortune. The following are some tips and ideas who are looking forward to a new start this autumn and want to take a different approach to their spending habits.

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Homemade Treats

Perhaps you’ve eaten out more times than you can remember during summer; well, now’s the time to start utilizing your kitchen space and get baking or cooking up a storm. Warm, hearty, homemade food is always an appealing part of the colder months, so it’s worth saving you cash, and creating your own cafe, coffee shop, or restaurant for your family home. Check out some delicious fall recipes here and start writing your next grocery list.

Beauty treatments can be an expensive addition to your monthly budget. Therefore, it’s worth considering a regular pampering evening in the comfort of your own home. Invite your loved ones over for some quality time, and they can sample all the good stuff you’ve been cooking recently. Make your own hair and face masks, and snuggle down and watch your favorite chick flick. You’ll save the money it would cost to visit the movies or a salon, and you’ll stay warm and cozy during a cold fall night.

Savvy Spending

You’re going to want to turn the heating up and take as many hot baths as needed throughout the season to stay warm. Therefore, it’s worth looking into on demand water heaters, energy efficient boilers, and other ways to save on your energy bills. Your energy provider might not be the most competitive rate available on the market either, so research into better value companies, and don’t be hesitant to switch if you discover one. 

You’ll be tempted to get to the grocery store and buy all the ingredients and items you need as quickly as possible, before heading home for a cozy night. However, it’s worth taking some time before you head to the supermarket and looking to see where there are special deals on your weekly shopping. Buying items in bulk can often save cash, and there’s no better time to stockpile than fall and winter. Don’t flick the page over when you spot a coupon; cut it out and use it. You’d be surprised how much all those little deals and offers can add up over time.

Family Time

Take it in turns with your family and close friends over fall and winter, to host dinners and get-togethers. A simple, hot, home-cooked meal can be enjoyed by everyone, and those who are out of their home will be saving money on food, gas, and electricity in the meantime. You’ll have to return the favor, but what better way to spend the new season than with your nearest and dearest, and you’ll save money and stay cozy too!

Friday, September 22, 2017

The turn of the new millennium appears to have brought new problems with it. It's not just the youth of today that are facing extreme pressures due to common issues like social media and the Fear Of Missing Out, adults are facing many issues too. And here are some that are all too common now.


It seems to be easier now to get a credit card, the amount of times you have a credit card application shoved through your letterbox shows how easy it can be to rack up masses of debt. There have been more than enough news stories circulating about people who have suffered at the hands of debt problems and have tried to dig themselves out, only to find themselves worse off. For anybody that is getting weighed down with debt, it's always important to remember that you can get help to either consolidate your debts or to get advice. There are sites like debtrelief.xyz that provide a lot of information on what you can do to escape the clutches of debt. The millennial generation, people between the ages of 21 and 34 years old, hold nearly a third of the USA's consumer debt. So this shows that people in their 30s, not just younger people, are struggling financially.

Our Carbon Footprint

You can't escape it, we see everywhere the impact of our carbon footprint, from our own increased utility bills to the local authorities and governments enforcing crackdowns on waste. We've all seen the importance of why we should recycle now, but a lot of us are still not doing everything we can to minimize our carbon footprint. Very simply, the best way to do it is to cut back on your overall energy expenditure. But if you want to get a better idea of how much of a carbon footprint you have, you should head over to carbonfootprint.com where you can calculate exactly what your impact is on the planet overall. Your carbon footprint is the one thing that you have a responsibility for, so start to think about this.

General Anxiety

This is something we're all slowly succumbing to as the years roll on, feeling trapped by anxiety is, unfortunately, becoming all too common. Many people would argue that the speed of life is too much now, and we are piling needless pressure on ourselves in every aspect of our lives, from our career to our personal lives, but others would argue it's the use of technology that is having a negative impact on how we function. A lot has been spoken of the dopamine hits that we get when we check social media, all the way through to the melatonin hormone being disrupted by our smartphones, which impacts on our quality of sleep. But if we endeavor to make changes in our lives for the better, from practicing mindfulness, all the way through to making better habits in our day-to-day lives, these will be the things that will help us live a more purposeful life.

The 21st century hasn't been easy so far, but if you look at these three things and ask yourself if you can minimize these, not only will you be benefiting the planet, but you will be benefiting yourself.

Dealing with back pain is a nightmare. As soon as the shooting pains or the aching begins, you know it isn’t going to be a good start to the day. It’s even worse when the pain sets in at work. At home, you can try and chill it or warm the muscles to relieve the soreness. Work is different because you don’t have the same tools at your disposal. Instead of putting on a brave face, though, there are options. Should an attack ever happen in the workplace, these are the tricks of the trade to consider.

Make Small Changes

The pain might set in at work, but the damage occurs earlier. Usually, it is the cause of bad posture or an uncomfortable sleeping position. Yep, the average person might think they are comfy and toasty in bed, but they’d be wrong. For those of you who do suffer in the workplace, a change to your lifestyle might be necessary. It doesn’t have to be a massive alteration because replacing a bed can be the key. All you have to do is learn about different mattresses and pick the one which suits your needs. Or, buying reinforced shoes could provide support to the lower back. 

Be Chair Picky 

Do you know a colleague at work who insists they need a particular chair? Most people think they are hypochondriacs who want attention, but you know better. A seat plays a significant role in a person’s comfort, especially regarding the lower back. Simply put, the right one will offer support and sustain your weight for sustained periods. Hopefully, this should prevent the back muscles from doing all of the work. The features to look out for are lumbar support and a reclining option. Oh, and a comfy cushion for your tushy won’t go amiss. 

Keep Your Chin Up

This isn’t a supportive cliché to help you through the pain. It would be nice, but it’s better to take this advice literally. You see, one of the leading causes of back pain at work is slouching or hunching over. Indeed, studies suggest four out of five women struggle with back pain for this very reason. By keeping your chin and head high, it helps relieve the tension by aligning your neck and head with the shoulders. In simple terms, a high head straightens the back and prevents slouching or hunching. So, keep that head held high at all times.

Take A Break

A modern employee has to sit at a desk for hours on end. Aside from hurting the eyes, it also encourages back problems. Even with the advice above, prolonged sitting might cause issues which are hard to ease. So, you’ll be happy to hear, the key is to take regular breaks. By standing up, it realigns your posture and distributes the weight evenly across the body. Plus, it also takes the strain off your lower back and allows it to recuperate. If the boss says anything, tell him or her that you’re doing them a favour.

Why? It’s because regular breaks are essential for maintaining productivity and output. It’s a win, win for everyone. 

Be honest - who out there doesn’t want to spend a small fortune on upgrading their home? It would be nice to think money is no object. But the reality for most of us is that makeovers and renovations will have to wait until later in life, once we get a better-paid job, have less of a mortgage, and the time spare to implement our glamorous plans. 

However, don’t for a minute think you can’t change the entire look of your home decor inexpensively. The truth is there are a lot of small changes you can make that can result in an enormous improvement. So, whether you have just recently moved into a new house, or fancy freshening things up a little, read on - hopefully, these simple ideas will inspire you to get creative!

Door knobs and knockers

First up, the vast majority of people don’t think twice about their front doors and see them as purely functional thing. As long as they open, close, lock, and have a lick of paint, who cares, right? But if you want to impress, consider looking around for a decorative door knocker. Wherever you live - be it a flat or country house - it will make a brilliant first impression for your guests when they pop round. 

Paint and curtains

Can’t afford that beautiful wallpaper you saw at your local Homebase? Don’t panic - why not freshen things up with some paint, and finish off your room’s look with some fancy prestigious curtains? You will give any room an extra lift, and the cost of covering your windows with fabric will end up far less than wallpapering - and if you’ve never wallpapered before, you’ll also get a better finish.

Boards and floors

Panicking about your worn, moth eaten old carpet because you can’t afford the grand or so it will cost to replace? It’s OK - why not expose your floorboards instead? Hiring an industrial sander costs you peanuts, and it’s the same for buying the wax sealant you’ll need to finish your floorboards off to perfection. Place a few cheap rugs about the place and your room will look incredibly glam, and hugely impactful.

Dimmer switches

Lighting is another big issue for many people moving to a new place. Everyone is different, and some prefer brightness while others prefer low light. But a simple switch to a dimmer plate instead of your bog standard main lighting can give you the best of both worlds - and it means you won’t have to pay for ripping out the old and installing a whole new light system.

The natural touch

The next time you head down to the beach or take a walk in the forest, look around for anything you think might brighten up your home. Driftwood, for example, can make stunning pieces that bring a little nature into the home - just sand them down and varnish for longevity. Similar, bundles of long twigs can be placed in large vases to create a forest look in the corner of any room. Finally, you can also use twigs and vines to build an amazing and unique picture or mirror frames. It’s amazing what you might find if you keep your eyes open - and it’s all completely free! 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

“Don’t worry; you’ll take it to like a duck to water.” That is what people say to new moms who are worried about making the transition. It’s like being a parent is an innate skill which everyone in the world possesses. Although most people flourish, it isn’t like they don’t need help. The first couple of months are new and scary and evoke a sense of helplessness. But, where can a new parent turn if they need help? It isn’t as if there is a line of people with great advice. Weirdly, the best place to find help is in the world of business. 

Here are four things the corporate world teaches new parents.

Don’t Trust Anyone

When you work in an office, the mood is tense and the smiles are fake. The reason for this is a lack of trust. As soon as you turn your back, a colleague would happily stick a knife in it for their gain. Babies aren’t as malicious, but they are just as untrustworthy as employees with drive trying to climb the ladder. Leave them alone for one second and they will do everything from putting coins in their mouth to playing with the plug sockets. They need watching at all times like a hawk.

Teamwork Is Essential

Moms often get left to handle the bulk of the responsibility. Usually, it’s the dads who get to go back to work and interact with human adults. Still, it's not a good idea to take their contribution lightly. From coming home and playing with the kids to running you a bath, they have a significant role to play. Quite simply, moms and dads are a team that can take the pressure off each others’ shoulders. Just like in the office, teamwork is essential to keep home life running smoothly and productively. 

Take Financial Opportunities 

Businesses are always looking to make money. Parents might not think this correlates, but that logic is flawed. Apart from attempting to keep them healthy, parents want to set their kids up for life. To do this, they need money as it makes the world go around. A savings account is an excellent start, yet it is only a foundation. To provide them with a superior lifestyle, you need to go further, such as opening up a line of home equity. With homeequitylineof.credit and their resources, it is possible to pick a perfect service. Then, you can use the money to renovate the property, add value, and provide a great place to live for the kids. 

Management Is Key

Bornadragon.com has talked about coaching kids to success before. Well, forget about coaching because this is life management. In the early years, it will revolve around picking out their clothes and choosing their meals. Then, it will turn into how to convince them to do the right thing. Finally, there is the bargaining stage where you guide them through the pitfalls of their early and late teenage years. A former manager finds this stuff a breeze because the skills are transferable. 

It’s a dark and dingy world, but it has a softer, cuddlier side which parents can exploit. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It’s obvious that having a baby changes the way you think about the world - nothing can have more impact on you than becoming a parent. From the second you walk out of the hospital doors to go home, the world will seem a little stranger - and more dangerous - than it ever did before. But it doesn’t just stop when you take the baby home for the first time. Those mindset changes will continue long into the future. Here are a few of the surprising things you might experience when you have children. 

Sleep patterns

It will be a while before your little one starts getting up at a regular time, but once they do it is likely, they will be set for many years to come. And that means that your alarm clock will become an irrelevance. Expect your body clock to start getting you up a lot earlier than you used to as a teenager or partygoing 20-something  - and the prospect of an early night becoming incredibly attractive.

Turning into your mom/dad

No matter how rebellious you were as you transformed into an adult, over the years, you will notice you are becoming your mother or father. It starts when you notice yourself using those little phrases they used to use when you were a kid. Then, you will start seeing little behaviors and decisions you make are exactly the same as mom or pop used to do. And, depending on your genetics, you could wake up one morning, look into a mirror, and see your parent looking back at you. 

Being aware of the inevitable

As pointed out over at wholelifeinsurance.co, when you have a family, you have to consider their future when you’re not around anymore - what will happen if you pass away? As a hell-raising singleton, everyone would be sad to see you go, of course, but once you have kids, your mortality will play on your mind. There are lots of financial implications when you have loved ones that rely on you for income, and it’s vital for you to consider securing everyone’s future. Whether it's getting life insurance, sorting out a will, or setting savings accounts for your kids, it's important to start putting financial plans in place. 

Belonging to a club

Once you have had a baby, you will start sharing glances, smiles, and little nods with other new moms. But, as your kids get older, you will become a more senior member of this massive but unofficial club, offering your advice - but only when it’s needed, of course - and giving help to other parents whose experiences are similar to yours. In fact, barely a day will go by that you don’t see other members of this prestigious club and discuss issues, share stories, and describe shared problems. 

Minor Irritations

According to parents.com, belonging to the ‘club’ does have some downsides, though. When you’re enjoying your first child, everyone and anyone will offer you advice - and you’ll struggle with trying out all the different suggestions. However, over time you will forge your own path as a mother, and even start finding these know-it-all moms a little on the tiresome side!

What mindset changes have you experienced as a mother? Share your expertise in the comments! 

As we get older, we experience a variety of changes. When we’re young, these adjustments are mainly physical. Our bodies change, and sometimes our personalities, too. It’s all part of growing up. But, the changes don’t stop once you reach adulthood. They continue, under the surface, throughout your life. 

For the most part, these changes take place during major moments in our lives. Most notably after reaching adulthood, the majority of us experience becoming parents. Then, we reach the stage where the changes are more of a slowing down than the building pace we’re used to. And, those slower changes are what we’re going to focus on here. 

Getting older isn’t something any of us look forward to, but it is inevitable. Instead of ignoring the issue, focus on preparing and ensuring your lifestyle still suits you. Obviously, there will be physical changes, as outlined on sites like longestlife.com. But, that’s not what we’re going to focus on today. Instead, we’re going to look at the steps you need to take to prepare yourself for those changes.

Should you move house?

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None of us like to think of leaving our homes. They’re our safe places, after all. Often, we spend our lives making them what we want them to be. But, when your kids leave home, you’ll be left with an empty nest which may not even suit you for much longer. For one, you don’t need that amount of space anymore. It’ll feel increasingly empty as your family makes their way. For another, you may not physically be able to clean and care for a house of that size for much longer. It’s worth booking an appointment with an estate agent like kensingtonandco.com, who can at least make you aware of your options. 

Changing your policies

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As your needs change, so too should the policies you pay into. In some instances, you may want to increase the amount you pay into your pension scheme. This last attempt to boost the pot could help you in a major way down the line. And, as your health changes, you may want to adjust things such as your health insurance policy. By heading to sites like healthinsurancequotes.co, you can pick a plan which suits your new needs. The same applies to things like car insurance, life insurance, and much more. 

Adjusting your spending

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As you get older, you may also want to adapt to a smaller budget. This will allow you to save more when it matters. It’ll also give the chance to get an idea of money management before retirement. 

Once you retire, it’s also worth considering how to make your money last better. After all, you’ll be working with a limited budget. If you saved a decent pension pot, you shouldn’t struggle too much here. But, it’s important to accept that you won’t be able to spend the way you once did. Every penny has to be accounted for to ensure you have enough to last you the long haul!

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You learn many things at school, but for some reason, it seems like we are never given practical information regarding how to understand, control and maintain our personal finances. It can feel like you reach adulthood, take on a job, are handed cash and are completely left to your own devices. This is relatively daunting, and an enormous consequence is that many people continue through adulthood and find themselves with mortgages, loans, and credit agreements while still not truly knowing the basics of lending and repayments. It’s not all too surprising that so many people slip into debt and even bankruptcy on such a regular basis. So, let’s take it back to basics. Here are the first steps you should take towards handling your personal finances effectively and problem-free.

Know the Value of Your Income and the Cost of Your Outgoings

As well as being aware of your credit score, you should know exactly how much money you have coming in and how much you have going out. You need to keep the first number larger than the second or your chosen lifestyle will plunge you into the red in no time at all. If you find that your outgoings exceed your income, it’s time to start cutting back on your spending. This can easily be done by setting out a budget which limits social activities and opts for cheaper brands or brandless products than you currently purchase.

Know Your Credit Score

First things first, it is essential that you know your personal credit score. It is essential that you engage with credit to be offered larger loans, such as mortgages or loans for vehicles, in the future. This essentially ensures that lenders know you can be trusted with repayments before handing you a lump sum of cash. Many credit score sites are now free to use, meaning that you can access your records free of charge and gain a thorough understanding of your finances. Most will also have a meter, rating your situation from poor to great. This will then give you an idea of what moves to make when it comes to applying for credit or finance.

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Know Who to Lend From

When building up your credit score, you should take out the best credit card or loan for your needs. You should look for the necessary credit limit as well as low-interest rates and reasonable repayment costs and intervals. Finding this information out is easier than ever. You simply need to check out GoBear credit card comparison, which will filter the best results to suit your credit rating and needs.

Consolidating Debts

If you already have debts, it may be time to consolidate them. This essentially means that you take out one large loan to clear all of your cards and then pay back the one source. This simplifies things, as you will only have one lender to remember, one repayment date a month to bear in mind and perhaps even a lower interest rate than you are currently being offered on your cards. Perfect!

This simple steps will give you a more clear overall view of your finances, allowing you to make more informed decisions and save yourself stress and cash in the long run. So get started today.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Although we’d all like to be happy and healthy for as long as possible, what’s the point if you’re not taking care of your brain? The signs of memory loss and a withering mind in a physically healthy elderly relative can be tough to witness - and it reminds us that the brain is also a muscle that should be exercised and attended to through all stages of life.

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Here is a handful of the best brain-boosting tips for elderly, helping them to stay sharp and focused for as long as possible, and making sure they’re around for longer.

Get moving

Let’s start with the most obvious one first; exercise is vital for both your body and your brain. If you’d like to maintain your grey matter the best you can - or if you’d like to look after your senior loved one, it’s best to get around thirty minutes of exercise every day. It doesn’t have to be intense, and a good walk can help you out on the days you don’t feel like sweating.

Regular exercise prevents memory loss by keeping diabetes, obesity, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol at bay - all the bad guys, in other words.

Did you know that the best exercise to boost your brain power is the humble sport of table tennis? Treat your older relative to one and entertain yourself with a match once in awhile and read more about it at mnn.com; it’s good for both of you.

Healthy fats

You probably know already that a healthy and balanced diet speaks volumes with regards to physical health, but a Mediterranean-like diet can actually prevent memory loss as well. 

Although it’s hard to pinpoint the exact ingredient that contributes to this effect, and it may very well be the combination of all, one study has found that diets rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and fish were 20 % less likely to have memory and cognitive problems.

We’ll eat our olives and mackerel, in other words, and live to tell our great-grandchildren to do the same. 

Remember that if you have any concerns about the physical well-being of your older relative, rather than cognitive ones, it’s a good idea to have a look at medicalert.systems so that you can stress less even if they live by themselves. It will be good on their stress-levels as well, knowing that help is right around the corner. 

Socialize and play games

Enjoying a game of chess with your relatives is good for a lot of reasons. First of all, challenging your brain is alfa omega to keeping it healthy. It’s kind of like thinking you’ll gain muscles by eating the right foods but forgetting to lift weights - it’s just not going to happen. 

Engage in mind games such as chess, table tennis as mentioned above, reading, or a simple game of Sudoku to train your brain, and keep enjoying it for many years to come.

It’s sad to see a loved one affected by memory loss or Alzheimer’s and, although it’s tough to admit, we can’t always do something about it. The sharpest and most active mind may suffer from cognitive problems with age, so the best we can do is to keep interacting and be patient. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Deciding to go debt free can help you to build a better financial future for you and your family. It can be difficult to find the money to pay back what you owe each month, but you can get there if you’re willing to make some changes. The following tips will help you make some easy savings each month that can help you pay back your debts and put you in a stronger financial position. This way, when it comes to buying a car or applying for a mortgage - you’ll be a much more attractive customer to your lender.

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Start dealing in cash

Paying for goods with cash as opposed to a credit or debit card could help you spend less. While paying with a credit card gives you extra security over your goods, when you pay with cash (especially for smaller items), you’ll have a much more realistic idea of what you’re spending. A good tip is to set yourself a budget, withdraw the cash each week and take it from there. You may even find that you spend less than your weekly allowance that you can put towards paying off your debts quicker.

Make a meal plan

Making a meal plan is a good idea for many reasons. It can help save you time in the kitchen by knowing what you’re going to eat each day, but it will also stop you from overspending in the supermarket. Plan out what you’d like to eat each week and make your groceries list based on that. This will stop you from adding unnecessary items to your cart and help you manage food waste too. If you can do your grocery order online, that’s an even better way to avoid the temptation of offers and ad-hoc treats, helping you save money each week. Set yourself a food budget that’s lower than what you’d normally spend and see if you can stick to it.

Slash your utilities

There are a lot of savings to be made by cutting your utilities. Most people never change providers, but with the rise of online comparison tools, you’ve got no excuse not to search for a cheaper deal. See if another provider could offer you a lower rate, and in many cases, your current provider will match it. This will apply to your energy supplier, phone network, and even your cable provider. Any credit accounts which have a high-interest rate could also be brought down so that you pay back more each month without having to up your payments. Finding a credit repair specialist through creditrepair.xyz could help you find a good deal to help you reduce your debts. Remember, if you don’t ask then you don’t get - so it’s always worth trying your luck to haggle for a better deal.

Being in debt can have a negative effect on your future, but by taking action now, you can stop that from happening. Make a plan to get yourself out of debt and find ways to save that little bit extra each month. Smarter spending habits now will benefit you in the future, so give the above a try and see if you have some extra change in your pockets at the end of the month.

Moving home, believe it or not, is one of the most stressful events in anyone’s life. It’s not too much of a surprise, really, given that it involves moving the entire contents - and maybe a lot more - into another house, possibly hundreds of miles away. If you can get through a home move without having a single argument, disaster, or breakage, you can count yourself lucky - at least two of these things will happen to most people!

However, by understanding the pitfalls, you can plan a route around them. So, today; we’re going to take a look at some of the most common - and worst - home moving mistakes that many people make. Let’s take a look and guide you through the potential disasters that could be waiting if you aren’t careful. 

Last minute packing

Here’s a fair warning: if you leave your packing to the last minute - or even the last week - you deserve no sympathy. Sensible folks start packing as soon as they know their moving date. It just makes the entire process more manageable, less stressful, and will ensure you are ready for the big day. Don’t keep putting it off - as much as you might want to believe in the packing fairy, we're kind of sure it doesn’t exist. 

Early booking

Also, make sure you are booking your removal company well in advance. If you need to find a residential moving contractor, you can bet dozens of other people are too, and the only way to secure their services is to get them in the diary as soon as possible. Good removal companies are like gold dust and are booked weeks - maybe months - in advance. You don’t want to be left with Dodgy Dave’s Removals being the only company with an open slot.

Failure to declutter

Moving home is the ideal time to declutter your house - and your life. Be as ruthless as possible, or you will live to regret it. Every extra box, item, and bag will need a home on the other side and will take you longer to pack. You’ll be far better off dropping old stuff you don’t use at a local charity store or giving it away to those who need it in your community. Alternatively, you could always have a yard sale, earn yourself some cash, and perhaps put the money towards the cost of your removals.

Failure to measure

Have you measured all your furniture to ensure it will fit in the new place? If not, https://www.popsugar.com/ suggests you do it - or the following few weeks are going to be a nightmare. It’s a good idea to sketch out a scaled plan for every room and make sure everything is OK.

Be ready for the day

Finally, make sure you are getting up with the cockerels on the day of your move. Honestly, every second counts, and it’s highly likely your removal contractors will arrive at some point during - or maybe even before - you have your breakfast. Why so early? Because they are experienced, and understand exactly how long it’s going to take. The last thing you want is to be unloading the van at the other side in the pitch black of a cold evening, so get up early and be prepared.

Hope this helps - good luck with the move!

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We can’t all have period properties from the Edwardian or Victorian eras. There wouldn’t be enough homes to go around. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t work with what we’ve got and add a bit of character to spice up our living quarters.

Here are some of the reasons your home lacks character and what you can do about it.

You Left The Kitchen Spot Lights In Place

Recessed spot lights built into the ceiling have been a favorite of home designers for the last twenty years or so. But despite their chic appeal and minimalist appearance, they’re draining homes of their character left, right and center.

To really add a bit of character to your home, you have to do it the old fashioned way - with chandeliers. And we’re not just talking about chandeliers in the living room or the entryway. We’re talking about chandeliers everywhere, including the downstairs washroom. Chandeliers have an uncanny ability to lift an entire room and make something that once seemed sparse, open and full of light.

You Bought A New Build And Left Everything Beige

If there’s one thing that home builders know, it’s how to appeal to the widest audience possible. And while their strategy might be effective for shifting homes, owners rarely get what they want. Beige homes are boring homes, and almost by definition, lack the character that people seek.

Hiring a contractor for interior house painting will help get you solve the problem of a lack of character in your home. Many Victorian homes had moody paint jobs, focusing on darker colors like sapphire and crimson. Other period homes have an airy feel, enjoying pinks and light blues. Which you choose is up to you, but whatever you do, make sure you get rid of the beige.

You’ve Got Awkward Spaces In Your Home

Every home has an awkward space which doesn’t quite seem to have a purpose. Perhaps there’s an area near your back door between the kitchen and the garden which is just empty. Maybe you’ve got a large communal room with a corner that doesn’t have anything in it. Whatever your situation, awkward spaces are an opportunity to generate character and to create something a little out of the ordinary.

The current trend is towards converting these spaces into “nooks” - places for retiring from the main body of the home, having a cup of tea and a good read. But you can make empty corners into anything, even storage areas for your favorite memorabilia.

You Don’t Use Wooden Displays

Pine dressers might be out of fashion, but they were a staple of homes in the past. Wives needed somewhere to store all their crockery and dry foodstuffs, and the pine dresser was the perfect solution. Even today in period homes, many still retain the original pine dresser as a kind of pantry substitute.

Use your pine dresser for storing sugar, tea, biscuits, herbs and spices, grains, nuts, and seeds. Pine dressers’ airy, recessed shelves can also help make rooms seem bigger.