Thursday, April 14, 2022

7 Simple Ways To Keep Your Workplace Clean


Keeping your workplace clean doesn’t have to be difficult. Below are a few simple ways to keep your workplace clean and presentable. 

Keep your workplace clutter-free

The more clutter there is in your workplace, the more you have to clean around. Window sills and desks are less likely to get cleaned regularly if they’re covered in ornaments and unused equipment. Take the time to get rid of any excess clutter so that you can easily wipe surfaces clean.

Clean up as you go

It’s worth getting into the habit of cleaning as you go. This includes putting away equipment after you’ve finished using it and cleaning machines after using them. If you have employees, consider integrating cleaning into training or using incentives for cleaning such as a bonus for the person who has maintained the cleanest desk all year. 

Place bins everywhere

Trash is more likely to be left on desks or on the floor if there is a shortage of bins. Place bins everywhere so that they’re no excuse to not dispose of trash. Some offices even place bins under every desk. 

Choose easy-to-clean flooring

Certain flooring options are harder to clean than others. Carpet is typically the hardest flooring to clean and should be avoided in areas where spillages are common. Laminate wood and polished stone is great for office spaces and lobbies, while polished concrete is great for factory floors. If you need a soft surface that’s easy to clean (such as in a gym or school), rubber mats could be another option to consider. 

Purify the air

Your workplace will get dirtier more quickly if the air is dirty. Consider whether you need to improve your workplace air circulation system to help reduce build-ups of dust or mold. Many modern HVAC systems have in-built purification systems to help filter out dust and harmful spores. Workshops typically need heavy duty extractor fans to help get rid of dust. Adding a few plants to your office could even help the air quality. 

Know when to outsource cleaners

A simple way to keep on top of cleaning is to hire other people to do it for you. In fact, there are times when it’s recommended that you outsource professional cleaners - certain cleaning tasks like exhaust hood system cleaning and lab equipment cleaning require specialist expertise. Of course, you can also outsource cleaners for general cleaning, simply to reduce the cleaning work for you and your employees. 

Invest in decent cleaning equipment

It’s easier to keep your workplace clean when you have all the right equipment. Make sure that you’ve got a decent vacuum cleaner and all the right cleaning chemical liquids. It’s also important to stock up on items like cloths and mop heads and to regularly change these so that you’re not cleaning your workplace with a dirty cloth or dirty mop head. A cleaning company may be able to provide equipment, however in some cases you may be expected to supply equipment yourself. 


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