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Thursday, June 4, 2020

Unusual & Unique Gift Ideas

If you are hoping to show that special someone in your life exactly what they mean to you, there are many ways in which you can do that. One way that you should always consider is to find them a gift which they would never have thought you would get, something so unexpected that it really surprises them. Being able to find unusual and unique gifts is something of an art, and of course especially so as you are trying to make sure that your loved one really appreciates it and that it is personal to them. In this article, we are going to look through a few ideas for unusual and unique gifts which you might want to consider for your loved one, so that you can hopefully surprise them in a completely new way.

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Name A Star

If you are looking for something especially romantic, then you might want to consider this one: naming a star after them. If you want to show someone that you really care, you can actually go out and find people who will allow you to name stars for someone you like. What’s more, you can name it more or less whatever you want - and you can ensure that it is a visible star too, meaning that you will be able to point it out to the person on a clear night. Find out more about this unique and romantic gift, and see whether it might be something that goes down well with the special person in your life.

Beer Subscription

Perhaps you are keen to find something for a professional contact, someone that you don’t necessarily know personally all that well but who you do want to do something for. If you have someone like that to buy for, then you might be able to make a good impression by getting them a subscription to a beer club. There are many of these going around at the moment, and you can simply buy that person a year or just six month subscription, so that they have beer delivered to their house once a month or even more often than that. This could be a great surprise, and it’s a gift that few people are likely to want to turn down.

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Indoor BBQ

If you are looking for something for those friends of yours stuck indoors without a garden, then you might want to think about getting them an indoor BBQ. These actually work very well, better than you might think, and they are generally a wonderful way of cooking any kind of protein that you might want to eat. You can even get some which are smokeless, so that people can use them indoors no matter what their situation is without worry. It’s a thoughtful gift during this time of lockdown, and one that you might want to think about if you are keen to surprise someone special and close to your heart.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Gifts For Him

Are you worried your gift ideas for the next holiday or birthday won't live up to the hype? Shopping for the men in your life doesn't have to be stressful this time around. Here are a few great gift ideas for him.


You can't go wrong with getting shoes for your boyfriend, dad, brother, grandpa or whoever. A guy can never have too many footwear options in his repertoire. You want this person to have the perfect shoe for every occasion, which is why a new pair of kicks are always the right choice!

Goods for His Guns

If the man in your life is a gun-lover, he is likely always on the hunt for the next addition to the family. If you have seen him pining over glock 43 holsters on Facebook, then you don't even have to ask him what he wants. You may also get some extra brownie points for supporting your favorite man's hobbies!

A Gift Card Basket

If you don't have the time or patience to pick out a gift, let him decide. You could give him gift cards to all his favorite food and clothing stores, and he is sure to be a happy man. Maybe you will even get a free dinner out of it!

A Vacation

Treat both yourself and the guy you love to a vacation for the next special occasion. A trip will be a great way to spend some quality time and will sure to be a gift he will never forget.

Avoid the panic of picking out a present for the men in your life by paying attention to subtle hints they give you throughout the year. There is always something special out there for everyone, and the options above may be an excellent way to start. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make Gift Giving Hassle-Free with GC Regalo!

I have always considered gift giving as an art, simply because you cannot do it haphazardly. A gift has to be a well thought of token to convey gratitude, birthdays, Christmas, milestone life events, and exemplary work performance.

To ensure that a gift is well appreciated, we must know the recipient very well. What are their interests? What are their needs? Do they have a family? What is their favorite color? What size jeans do they wear? There are so many things to consider! 

Since most of us do not have the luxury of time to shop around for the perfect present, the best gift idea would be a GC Regalo or gift certificate! 

Gift certificates are not a spur of the moment choice for a present, an award, or a bonus. It is actually a way to let someone have the freedom to get something he or she really needs. Honestly, I would be more than happy to receive a gift certificate than the all too common photo frame, bath towels, figurines, stuffed toys or funky scented lotions and shower gels.

There are various gift certificates available for purchase but the best so far, for me, is the Sodexo Premium Pass. Why so? Read on.

I worked in a call center for 10 years before I finally called it quits last year. One company that I used to work for had a fantastic incentive program for Top Performers. Three (3) Top Performers are chosen monthly and each one is given Two Thousand Pesos ( Php 2,000) Sodexo Premium Pass gift certificates . One (1) Quarterly Top Performer is chosen and the incentive accorded are having their name displayed in the Hall of Fame Board in the main lobby, plus a bonus of Five Thousand Pesos (Php 5,000) Sodexo Premium Pass Gift certificates. This motivated me to do my best and hard work did pay off. I got the 3rd Quarter Top Performer of the year award. I bought a new washing machine from SM Appliance Center with the gift certificates I received. Awesome!

Last Christmas, I wanted to give my niece a set of books, a young adult fiction 3-book set series. I knew she loved the books by this particular author. I kept putting off buying those books because I just did not have time to shop yet. That was a blessing in disguise because around two weeks before Christmas, I saw her reading those books I was supposed to get for her! Whew. I was saved from a failed gift giving scenario. What did I get my niece instead? Of course, my go-to choice, Sodexo Premium Pass Gift Certificates. It made me happy that she was able to get other books she liked.

A Sodexo Premium Pass Gift Certificate is my fool proof and hassle free way of gifting. It makes me pleased to know that my family and friends will be able to use it for whatever item they desire not only from SM Malls nationwide but from numerous merchant partners as well! It could even buy them the gift of health. Sodexo Premium Pass Gift Certificate is accepted in selected drugstores, wellness clinics and spas. Now isn't that a fantastic gift idea? I think it is!

This is also the perfect present for those "hard-to-gift" people, like tweens, teens, or those who seem to have it all.  Check out this merchant list below. Totally impressive! 

Gift certificates cannot be packaged or boxed, but you can, just to add to the fun. So to make it more personal, I compose short poems and create special greeting cards for my GC Regalo. Here is a collage of some of the cards I have made so far:

I love making gift cards because it conveys my well wishes which they could read over and over, long after they have used the Sodexo Premium Pass.

I strongly recommend you consider this hassle free gift idea. Be ready to see the smiles, hear the squeals, and receive hugs and kisses as you hand out this gift. There are other GC Regalo Gift Certificates available too, if a Sodexo Premium Pass is not your jam.

I will be celebrating my birthday in two months. I don't give my family a hard time looking for a gift for me. They know what I want. Haha. I want nothing else but some GC Regalo - Sodexo Premium Pass Gift Certificates. I will save them up and then wait for Christmas to come around so I will have more. I have already checked out the item I will get for myself. Hopefully my family will be generous this time so I can get this counter top oven on my birthday and something else for Christmas! 

I hope I have convinced you enough that GC Regalo is the best gift idea for any occasion, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, baptism, or an incentive award for your employee!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Awesome Baby Shower Gifts

If you know someone who is expecting, you need to get them the perfect baby gift. Just think that the gift you present them at the baby shower could make their first days as a parent bearable. Wouldn’t that be something! All joking aside, it is always a nice gesture to give them a gift that they can use or cherish when the baby arrives. If you don’t know where to begin, the thought could fill you with dread. Luckily, there are a few ideas below that will help you in your time of need.

Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are great because every baby needs to protect their tiny feet no matter their age. Plus, tiny shoes are adorable! If they are expecting a boy, go for something a little more mannish. And, if they are expecting a girl, go for something pink and shiny. It is not rocket science, but it will make all of the difference in the long-run.

A Personalized T-shirt

You can put anything on a personalized t-shirt, which makes them a blank slate. An easy but effective message is something like ‘My Mom Is Awesome!’ or something along those lines. If that slogan doesn’t float your boat, visit Zoey's Attic for ideas and designs. A t-shirt is a nice idea because it is a constant reminder of your gift. Gifts should be something that is functional and fun, just like personalized clothing.

A Photo Album

With the new arrival on the way, the doting couple may lose sight of the past. Although no one wants to live in the past, it is always nice to remember the good times. Thanks to a photo album, they can always remember their life before the baby. And, you can leave space towards the end so that they can create new memories with the new arrival. All you have to do is get hold of a photo album and a collection of old pictures that you can put in the book. There is no better gift than a thoughtful one that doesn’t cost a fortune!

A BabyBjorn

Okay, what is a BabyBjorn? A BabyBjorn is a baby carrier that you see lots of parents wearing. They are an awesome piece of Swedish engineering that makes going out with a little one ten times easier. Instead of pushing a pram around all day, the mother can strap the BabyBjorn to the front and fit the child comfortably inside. The great thing is that it is also comfortable for the wearer. You can bet that almost every new mother will secretly wish that someone buys them one of these gifts. Go on, make their wish a reality.

A Baby Bag

Babies may only be small, but they need a lot of stuff. Instead of adding to their stuff, give them something that will help them carry it around. Without a baby bag, the mom won’t be able to leave the house without the fear of leaving something essential behind. Thanks to a bag, they can go about their normal lives with their young child in tow.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

My husband is a unique gifter. Whenever a special occasion comes along, He asks me what I want, or what I need. Sometimes, he suggests something and asks for my opinion. I guess the phrase, “I want to surprise my wife” is not in his vocabulary.

This Christmas, he asked me if I would be interested in jewelry. Honestly, I would rather go for practical things I can use every day. However, I think this time, I would love to receive a beautiful piece of jewelry for a change. I asked him what he had in mind and he said, “A mother’s ring.”
I know there are college rings, class rings, engagement and wedding rings, but I have not heard of mother’s rings! My husband’s face lit up, and I know he was excited about this “mother’s rings.” He explained to me that Mothers rings are special because they include gemstones for each member of the family.

My husband showed me where he got this gift idea. He told me to go online and search for Joy Jewelers mothers rings.  I have never been so excited over jewelry until now! The pieces were lovely! I could even design my own ring! I was interested in the stackable design, which means I could get little rings, each engraved with the name of my husband and my three children. If the budget would allow, I could even have their birthstones added. My husband’s birthstone is Opal (October), my daughter’s birthstone is Aquamarine, my two sons’ birthstones are Peridot and Emerald.
My husband pointed to his choice. He said he planned to order two rings for me. The Love’s Course Ring, which will have our birthstones, Opal and Topaz; and the Candeza Ring which will have the birthstones of our children, Aquamarine, Peridot and Emerald.

What else could I say? I said, “Yes, yes, yes, I’d love that!” I gave him a big bear hug! After a gazillion “thank you’s,” my husband said, “Anything for the best wife and mom!” Awwww. Isn’t he sweet?

Here’s my tip to you ladies. Leave a hint to your husbands by keeping your computers turned on with the homepage set to Joy Jewelers mothers rings, or keep singing any song with the word “ring” in it. Sometimes, men just need some clues. J

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The holidays are fast approaching and I know we are all starting to look around for a perfect gift for family and friends. We want that gift to last a long time, to be appreciated and to bring a smile to the recipient's face every time.

Here's one gift idea! Why not purchase a wall garden?

Yes, you read it right. Flowerbox Wall Gardens offers 5 years maintenance and water free wall gardens in a white wooden frame! Guaranteed to give a contemporary look to any home or office.

This stylish wall garden requires no watering, because the flat moss and other plants that fill the frame are totally preserved for 5 years!

Nature Frame Square
Size: 8.7 x 8.7 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Tree Fern, Cineria, Hedera, Amarante, Mini Calla and Papyrus

Nature Frame Rectangle
Size: 10.6 x 22.4 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Hedera, Mini Calla, Diosmi and Papyrus

Nature Frame Pano
Size: 7.9 x 31.5 inches
Preserved plants: Flat Moss, Moss balls, Tree Fern, Leather Fern, Hedera, Cineria and Papyrus

I am so excited to get this for my mom. She loves plants and this would make her living room even prettier. I will choose the Nature Frame Pano for her.

What about you? Which one would you choose?