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Monday, June 6, 2022

How To Give Your Local Sports Team A Rebrand

Has your local sports team seen better days? Were you once a force to be reckoned with, now looking back at the past? If you are ready to put your local sports team back on the map, check out these simple tips for giving your local sports team a much-needed rebrand.

Revamp Your Kit 

If you are trying to rebrand your local sports team, you might want to consider revamping your kit. Try changing up your colors and working with custom sports kit designers to get your new design professionally printed. Opt for brighter colors to give your team’s visibility a boost. You might want to consider investing in a new logo if you really want to move away from the old design.

Partner With Local Businesses

Many sports teams partner with local businesses to give both your team and their organization a boost. They might become a club sponsor, and their logo might feature next to your own. Sponsorship of a club allows your business to get an increase in revenue while raising the profile of your sponsor’s establishment. 

Hire A New Coach

If your local team isn’t doing as well as it used to, it might be worth hiring a new coach. If your team isn’t developing over time, it might be that your coach isn’t inspiring or driving the team to reach their potential. Consider hiring a new coach and be honest about the person you currently work with. 

Get A New Website

A new website can be as effective as a new kit when rebranding your sports team. Clean up your website with the help of a sports marketing agency, or with the help of templates provided online. An engaging and slick website can help you rebrand your team and also make you look more credible.

Bring In New Blood

If you are looking to build up your team’s talent, look at bringing in new blood. New talent can transform the success of a local team. Don’t be afraid to advertise tryouts locally, and share them on your social media channels to bring in some fresh new talent. As your group of players gets bigger, you might find your team divides up into an A-Team and B-Team, based on availability, ability, and match dates.

Engage With Your Fans

Your fans are the ones that have stuck with you through successes and defeats. They’re the ones that you want to engage with. Take the time to interact with your fans on your social media channels, and develop your content on the website to provide value to them. You could even invest in some analytics of your social media platforms to see who your target audience currently is, and what their age and hobbies are.

Make Sure You Have Fun

Remember, there’s no point in having success if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Local sports teams are about having fun and engaging with your local community. Sure, bringing home a win is a great team bonding activity. But if your team is not engaged, you might need to have a mindset rebrand and ensure that your team is actually enjoying themselves.