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How to look after your pets this winter


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Winter is the time when people wrap up warm, cozy up in front of the fire ,and drink hot chocolate.  It’s also a time that consideration needs to be taken for pets to ensure they are warm, they are happy and they are free from any potential hazards during the cold winter months. We are such a pet-loving nation; these tips will ensure you look after yours.

For dogs

Remember, your dog needs a walk, no matter the weather. Make sure your dog is wrapped up warm. If they don’t have a tremendous amount of fur, then you can purchase a dog coat to keep the chill off them.

After each walk and especially if you have been walking in the snow, check their feet and between their toes. There are times when grit can lodge in their paws. This can cause them to be in pain. To prevent this from happening, check after each walk.

If your dog loves splashing in puddles or swimming in rivers, dry them off after their walk. 

Ensure their bed is cozy where they can return to after their walk.

Winter may be a time when you have to adjust the food they are eating.  Healthy dog food is a must during the winter when they may be less active than during the warmer months. They may need additional nutrients to ensure they are fit and healthy over the cold months.

If the weather is horrible outside, then try to keep your dog active indoors. Ensure your dog has toys to play with. If you are concerned about safety indoors ,then read how to keep your pets safe at home.

For cats

If your cat loves to venture out during the cold weather, make sure they can get in when they need to. If cats are left outdoors, they often find a warm place to rest and this could be dangerous. They may end up in a car engine, or they may end up developing hypothermia and frostbite. So know where your cat is at all times during the cold periods.

If your cat goes to the toilet outside, then change this to have a litter tray inside during the cold weather. This ensures they feel warm and safe, and you can clean the tray on a regular basis for them.

Having your cat fitted with a tracking device, either a microchip or alternative, will be helpful should they wander off. This way, you will be able to track them quickly.

Increasing their food intake may be necessary during this period. Choose foods that your cat likes and ensure they get the vitamins they require during this time.

The cold months also mean it is the festive season. Ensure there is nothing dangling or that could be pulled down by your cat. This applies to the likes of tinsel. You may also want to ensure that your cat can’t get near any Christmas plants, too, as these can often be poisonous to cats.

These are just a few suggestions to help your pet survive the cold weather. If you happen to have a rabbit or guinea pig then the best advice is to ensure their hutch is in a sheltered spot away from the rain and snow. You can also cover their hutch in fleece to keep them warm.


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