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So, you’re thinking about getting hitched, huh? That’s amazing! Between tasting cakes and picking out flowers, it’s easy to get lost in the wedding whirlwind. But let’s take a coffee break and chat about some grown-up stuff you might want to think about before the big day. Trust us, it’s like making sure you’ve packed an umbrella for a cloudy day - better safe than sorry!

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What Makes You Tick?

Before diving into understanding someone else, have a little sit-down with yourself. Think about what makes you tick. Everyone’s got dreams, habits, and, yes, even those pesky credit card bills.

Ask yourself stuff like:

What are my dreams for the next five years?

How do I handle it when things go sideways?

Got any debts or savings stashed away?

Knowing this helps you see what you’re bringing to the party and what you hope to get from it.

Get to Know Your Soon-to-be Better Half

Love’s awesome, but getting along and understanding each other? That’s the secret sauce. Spend some cozy evenings just chatting about the big stuff in life.

Stuff to chat about:

Where do you both see yourselves in 10 years?

How do you both feel about starting a family?

Spending habits - are you a saver or a splurger?

When things get tough, how do you both handle it?

Getting a peek into their thoughts helps set the scene for a smoother ride together.

Talk Money

Okay, let’s be real. It’s important to make sure that you are being as upfront and honest about finances as possible, because you are about to start sharing everything fully. So if you have any debt out there, you might want to think about looking into some Jefferson Capital Systems reviews and getting it paid off as soon as possible. Your partner should also show the same kind of forward-thinking. Money talk can be super awkward, but it’s kind of a big deal in a marriage. So, grab some takeout and make an evening out of it.

Check out this money-talk menu:

Got any debts or savings? Let’s share.

How much are we spending on the wedding and what about after?

Joint bank account or separate? What feels right?

Dreaming of a house or a world tour? Let’s plan for it!

Ever Thought About A Prenup?

Now, I know this might not sound like pillow talk, but hear me out. A prenup is just a piece of paper that lays out the what-ifs. Think of it as a map for if things get a bit foggy. And hey, you might never need it, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared. Learn more about prenups and how they can help here.

Consider Talking To The Pros

Think of premarital counseling as chatting with a pro about how to make the most of this awesome adventure you’re embarking on. They’ve got some neat tools and insights that can help both of you navigate the married life waters.

Families: More Than Just Holiday Dinners

When you get married, it’s not just about the two of you; families join the mix. Getting a feel for family vibes and traditions can help dodge any surprise curveballs later.

Have a think about:

Are you living close to family or flying solo?

Which holidays are a big deal in your families?

How often are family visits on the cards?

Dreaming Past The Wedding Day

As much fun as wedding planning is, remember there’s a whole lot of days after the wedding day! So, brainstorm together about:

Your dream home spot.

Job opportunities and maybe moving to a new place.

Planning on little ones? What’s the timeline looking like?

Wrapping It Up

Getting married is like the best kind of rollercoaster, full of ups and thrilling moments. Doing a bit of homework and prep can make sure the ride is smooth and mostly bump-free. So, keep dreaming, keep planning, and here’s to your happily ever after!


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