Monday, October 9, 2023

Five Reasons To Get Your Hearing Checked Every Year

Why is it important for a person to get their hearing checked? Regardless of age, your hearing could become compromised at any point. From genetics and being born with hearing loss, to one-off situations that have caused trauma to the ear or hearing in general.

There are many reasons why you should get your hearing checked, so here are five of those reasons to encourage you and your family to book an annual hearing test.

1. Helps uncover hearing loss quickly

When you’re getting your hearing checked out regularly, much like a lot of medical problems, they can be identified sooner rather than later.

Your hearing and ears in general are very vulnerable so it’s easy to damage them if you’re not careful. With a regular hearing test, you are likely going to uncover that hearing loss sooner, which may help save any remaining hearing that the person has. Often enough, hearing loss can be gradual, so it’s always best to get it seen too quickly.

2. Hearing can change from one year to the next

Your hearing might not be the same as it was this time last year. As you get older, you might find that your quality of hearing is a lot worse than it was a year or so ago. 

Hearing tests will monitor any gradual decline or highlight any sudden hearing loss that you might not have noticed yourself. For younger adults and children, hearing loss might occur suddenly or as a result of an impact or injury. That’s why it’s worth getting checked every year because things can change over 365 days.

3. Prevents any further hearing loss

Just because you’ve got a certain level of hearing loss currently, doesn’t mean you won’t experience further damage to your hearing. The chances of you damaging your hearing further are actually more likely when you already have a hearing loss of some degree.

People who have untreated hearing loss, end up doing more damage to their hearing and perhaps may even damage those around them.

4. Helps avoid additional health problems

It’s important to remember that your ears are connected to the rest of your body and therefore untreated hearing loss is likely going to cause additional problems, not just physical either.

Having hearing loss can often come with loneliness and social isolation when the hearing loss is untreated. It might even lead to injury or hospitalization in some cases due to the risks of not having your hearing.

In order to improve your health and well-being, it’s well worth getting your hearing checked out.

5. It’s an easy and painless process

A hearing test is not painful. There’s nothing within the appointment that is going to cause you pain and that’s something worth knowing for those who might have put it off for that worry alone. 

It’s worth speaking to an ear doctor about your worries or concerns before the appointment starts so that you can be put at ease.

If you do anything to benefit your health this year, get your ears and hearing checked!


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