Monday, February 27, 2023

Your Guide To Buying Clothes For The Man In Your Life

Being in a relationship with a guy is very interesting in some situations. For example, when it’s time to buy gifts for one another, you’re in the worst possible position. It’s fine for them as you drop hints like there’s no tomorrow. They literally have a list of things to get you - yet somehow always seem to get the wrong thing. 

From your perspective, you’re staring at a blank wall. Your man gives you absolutely no indication of anything they want. So, you have to play a guessing game. It’s super frustrating, but there is one safe bet you can always go back to: clothes. 

Some of you are shocked by this as buying clothes for the man in your life is usually really hard. Fear not, for there are some tips below that’ll make the whole process easier. Firstly, make sure you know their sizes. Then, it’s a simple case of knowing what to buy…

Socks & Underwear Are Always Needed

Again, this may shock you as it seems like the most boring and cliche thing to buy someone. But, have you ever looked inside your man’s underwear drawer? They genuinely have 5 pairs of socks and pants that they’ve been wearing for years. A man won’t stop wearing something until it disintegrates. You can bet your life that half of the pairs will have holes or rips in them. 

As such, some new underwear is always welcome. Get them a nice set from a good brand to show you care. For socks, opt for some quality ones that are unlikely to rip easily. Think about getting the warmest men's thermal socks too for added comfort - especially if they always moan about being cold. 

Jackets Go Down A Treat

Next, consider getting your partner a nice new jacket. Again, men don’t tend to have many jackets - unlike women. We probably have a jacket for all occasions and weathers. Your man will likely have one of two jackets they wear at all times. 

A new jacket will be right up their street. Look at what they currently have, then get something that’s missing. For instance, are they lacking a smart dinner jacket? Do they need a lighter rain jacket? Or, are they desperate for a proper winter coat? Buy your man a jacket and he’s sure to wear it. 

You Can’t Go Wrong With Casualwear

If you’re really stumped, go down the casualwear route. Men will never tire of having new pairs of joggers or hoodies to wear around the house. They love chilling in their casuals, so why don’t you get them some new ones? 

Seriously, you’ll see them in these 90% of the time. The other 10% is when they’re at work, but even then they’ll be dreaming of wearing the comfies. 

The more you think about it, the easier it is to buy clothes for the man in your life. Men rarely go out and buy lots of clothes, leaving the door open for you to swoop in and do it for them. Think about what they desperately need, yet refuse to buy for themselves!


  1. That's really helpful, thanks. I know very little of men's clothing, so thanks for all these useful tips.

  2. Yes, Indeed you can tgo wrong with casual wear. If I am in doubt I always go with casual.

  3. Great tips here. This helps me get my boyfriend to become a better dresser.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. My husband doesn't buy his own clothes anymore. I buy everything for him. I don't know if it's because he trusts my style or just because it's easier that way. haha.

  5. I let my husband pick his own clothes. He has a particular style and while I know what sort of things he likes, he's picky!

  6. I'm very minimalist and easy to please when it comes to clothing. Casual wear is my favorite and from your article, it sounds like I am not alone.

  7. Your guide to buying clothes for men in 2023 was incredibly informative and well-written! I appreciate the attention to detail and the thoughtful insights you provided. The article was engaging and easy to follow, and it will be a valuable resource for anyone looking to update their wardrobe. Keep up the excellent work!

  8. This is such a great reference for every woman! A total lifesaver that makes easy to choose among clothes for the man of our life! Loved it!

  9. Very true, when you talk about not going wrong with casual wear. If it were completely up to me, I would only wear my casuals. I feel most comfortable there.

  10. I actually LOVE to shop for men's clothing. I think it's so easy to buy simple items to look stylish as a man. My dad in particular needs a lot of help in the shopping department haha

  11. I am grateful that my husband is quite easy to shop for his clothes. Getting the right fit and size is tricky and depends on availability. The design and styling are easier as long as it is comfortable yet practical.


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