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How to Keep Your Home Safe For a Hurricane


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Hurricanes are unpredictable storms. Even though weather forecasters can tell when a storm will arrive and how strong it will be, a storm can make a turn at the last minute and wreak havoc on a community that had no idea it would come. If you live in a hurricane prone area, here are a few ways you can be ready in case an unexpected storm comes your way. 

Keep Your Trees Trimmed

Downed trees can cause the most damage to a home. Tree service providers like Aardvark Tree Service know how to keep trees trimmed and safe for your home especially if you live in a hurricane prone area. Removing low branches, reinforcing trees, or completely removing trees from your property will keep your home safe and out of harm’s way if a storm is brewing. 

Have Plywood On Hand

If a storm is coming, the first thing to go fast in the store is going to be plywood. Plywood is used to keep your windows safe by boarding them up. If you have it on hand, you’ll be ahead of the game. Visit your local Home Depot or other local hardware store, and buy some planks of plywood just in case. Keep them in a dry area, and they will be at the ready when you need them.

It’s also a good idea to stock up on the items that you will need to go with that plywood like duct tape, window tape, and nails. 

Buy Straps to Hold Down Your Furniture

If you don’t own them already, buy some bungee cord straps or durable rope to tie down outdoor furniture when a storm is approaching. You may not have room to store your furniture in your house or in your garage. Durable bungee cords will come in handy to tie everything together and tie it down to a deck or other sturdy outdoor object.

In the event that your furniture comes loose, your house can sustain further damage or someone else’s home. In a rare occurrence, it can knock through windows and potentially harm someone inside their home. 

Assemble Sandbags

Sandbags can come in handy during a flooding situation and could potentially save your home. If you live in low lying areas or near a body of water like a lake or river, rising waters could cause banks to overflow and water to come rushing towards your home. While in motion, water is the most powerful force of nature decimating everything in its path. 

Sandbags can keep a certain amount of water at bay giving you time to evacuate if need be or keep your home dry and out of the path of rising waters. 

Many towns provide sandbags or you can go to a local home improvement store and find some if a storm is coming near. 


Make sure you are prepared for when hurricane season comes around. The last thing you want is to be caught without the basic necessities for saving your home. 


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