Tuesday, March 1, 2022

How To Boost Staff Morale

Your employees are an integral part of your business and its daily success. You need and rely upon your staff daily and as such, it is important that your staff feel valued and appreciated in their working environment. Moreover, it has long been accepted that staff who enjoy a positive working environment are more productive in the workplace. If you have concerns that your staff morale may be languishing then here are some proactive steps you can take to boost the working environment. 

Offer perks 

The relationship between staff and employees can be more than a transactional ‘paid for services rendered’ setup. Employees around the world are taking steps to offer more and more perks to their employees. Not only does it make them feel appreciated but it provides a strong incentive to remain within the company. Popular perks will often include comprehensive medical or dental cover that extends beyond basic care to cancer care or metal-free dental implants for example. Other incentives might also include gym membership, discounted share buying options, or discounted travel options to aid the daily commute costs.  

Flexible working 

The last two years have seen a real shift in the way people work. Employees all over the world were forced to stay home and work from their spare room or kitchen table. The result has perhaps been unexpected. It has given employees great freedoms and flexibility in their personal all the while maintaining their work commitments. As such, there has been a significant shift toward flexible working and the importance employees place on it. If you are in a position to offer flexible working to staff then do not overlook it. A good working relationship is built on trust and if you can trust your employees to develop a working schedule that benefits both parties it will do wonders for job satisfaction and in turn performance.

Show your appreciation  

Your staff needs to know that they are appreciated and there are many ways you can show your appreciation from financial incentives to verbal recognition. Of course, many members of staff will want their efforts rewarded with financial gain but that does not mean managers or leaders should overlook the simple act of saying ‘thank you’ or offering verbal praise for a job well done. A member of staff who has been told their work is of a high standard and gratefully received will benefit from an instant boost in confidence and mood. The power of positive words should not be overlooked. 

Ask for feedback 

A great way to avoid second-guessing is to be direct about the matter and ask your staff what would improve their working environment and make them feel better about the workplace. This can be done by arranging a series of one-to-ones, team meetings, or confidential feedback forms. Once you have all the information in be sure to give it the due care and attention it needs - and be sure to act on the recommendations where you can. This is one instance where actions speak louder than words. 


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