Friday, February 18, 2022

How To Control Light Levels In Your Garden

Whether you have a huge, sprawling garden or just a little outdoor space, it’s important to make sure that you have as much control as possible over the light levels in that garden. That’s because this enables you to care for your plants so much more easily, and it is also a great way to ensure that you can have a say over how the whole outdoor space looks. In this post, we are going to take you through just some of the best ways to control light levels in your garden that you might want to consider trying out for yourself.

Felling Or Planting Trees

First of all, take a look at what trees you have in the garden. Depending on your needs and what you are hoping to achieve, you might find it necessary to introduce more trees into the garden or even use a tree removal company to get rid of one or two. You might have to do a bit of both, too, depending on your plants and what you’re hoping for. But however you approach it, just bear in mind that having a good control of the trees in your garden equals a good control of the light level too.

Moving Plants Around

You can also take a look at whatever bigger plants you may have and see whether you can move them around in such a way as to make good use of the light levels. If you have smaller items that need more light, for instance, moving them around so that they are not overshadowed by the larger perennials can be all you need to do much of the time. So that is something to think about. Sometimes, just getting a little creative here can really make a huge difference to how your light levels in the garden work out.

Artificial Lighting

There is also a place for artificial lighting in a garden, and you might decide that you want to have some of this in yours. You might, for instance, want to light a pathway or create a patio area where you can relax by some soft lighting. Again, you’ll find that playing around with your options is the best way to go, and you should be able to create a wide variety of effects if you can make a point of doing this in the right way, so that is something to bear in mind.

Pruning & Growing

Finally, remember that you can control how much light gets to the soil by pruning and allowing to grow various plants around the garden. If you are careful about how you approach this you should find that it is surprisingly straightforward to control light levels in this way, so it’s certainly something to think about at the very least. With this all in place, your light levels are going to be a lot easier to control and manage, and your garden will benefit in a number of ways, including looking its very best year-round.


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