Thursday, July 22, 2021

Will Driving To Work Be A Thing Of The Past?


As you may have noticed, we have been working from home for a few months now. This has led people to ask, what things about their work lifestyle could they change forever, since they have managed to continue being productive and effective in their roles at home? Lots of industries are in the firing line. Chief among them is the commercial real estate industry, but so too is the car industry. Driving to work might be a thing of the past, if you can work from home for 2-3-4 days of the week. Does this mean, public transport will get a boost in funding? Maybe it means that more eco-friendly personal transport will become popular. Here are the many reasons why taking a car to work is perhaps a soon to become a pastime.

Not as much stress

As the population of human beings on earth punches through 8 billion people, more and more people are on the roads. This has led to massive and common traffic jams around the world. As millions have been without the need to drive to work for so long, the stress of driving has been replaced with the calm of a morning stroll. 

Not to mention, you won’t be risking your life to some degree if you’re not on the road. If you have ever been in a car accident and have suffered a life-changing injury, you probably don’t see commuting to work by car the same anymore. But top car accident lawyers are still going to be needed for this reason. They'll still be needed to fight for compensation, so you can pay for medical bills and time taken off work.

A new wave of tech

It's not just cars, but every form of ‘old’ commuting type that is under attack from new technology and new lifestyles. For instance, if the hyperloop is successful, it could mean, you could hurtle from city to city, at around 300-400mph. This cuts every single train journey you can think of, (including the Japanese trains), in half. So you can get from Pittsburgh to Chicago, in about 41 minutes compared to 67 minutes by plane, and 125 minutes by train. 

Not to mention, this is also a safer form of transport as it will not be open air like trains are. Trains are subject to the weather, such as wind, rain, hail and snow. But, since the hyperloop is encapsulated, it can continue to function through heavy snowfall, monsoon season and more. Another reason why driving just seems old-fashioned. 

Great personal transport

Personal transport has made leaps and bounds in technology. Electric bikes can reach 20-30mph, allowing for riders to really make time if they are getting to work using their own steam. This is brilliant for those that live in the city and even for those that live in rural areas close to towns and cities. The ranges are generally about 10-20 miles, depending on the internal or attachable external battery packs. 

Rutland bicycles have made some great designs, such as the Levo and Creo. The batteries are situated in the front support bar, so it's out of the way and doesn’t upset the balance of the bike. With a 320Wh battery, you have lots of power and range. 

Not to mention you have electric scooters, skateboards, monoboard, and even electric roller skates. There really is no shortage of electric personal transport vehicles you can choose to help you get to work. And with ranges and power set to only improve as battery technology and efficiency motors are designed, commuting to work by car in a city or town, could be a thing of the distant past.

Love of driving

Some people just love to drive and they don’t want to give up the joy that it gives them. So perhaps, there will always be people who want to drive a car to work and back. For them, smart highways will be the future, as technology is integrated into the highways to make them more informative, more friendly to self-driving cars, as well as monitoring road conditions, vision distances, and traffic updates. This will all be displayed into your car’s computer console, so you can get seamless updates using the voice alert options. 


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