Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Is Following Interior Design Trends a Bad Idea?

Trends are almost impossible to ignore. When you're active on social media, you feel tempted to jump on the latest design trend and satisfy your craving for beauty. This is especially true for homeowners who want to keep up with the latest home trend to increase their property value and make their homes aesthetically pleasing than ever. From textures to wall colors, there's always something declared as necessary or popular to stay ahead among everyone else. 

Home experts such as interior designers and building maintenance companies made it possible for homeowners to enjoy their living spaces by delivering professional quality work. This also gave them a fresher perspective on how they view their homes as their sanctuary. Meanwhile, some try to keep up with the latest design trend without thinking about its practicality.

While trends are fun to play with, they can sometimes be overwhelming. They're also very expensive and time-consuming since trends often involve reworking the interior and exterior spaces to highlight the style. So before shopping for new furniture or decorative item, you better understand what it means to follow the trend cycle and how it will affect your home and finances. With this in mind, we'll discuss why homeowners should avoid following trends in interior design.

Trends come and go

When researching the latest home trend, we tend to forget that it will not stay around for too long. This often happens when exploring your Instagram or Pinterest feed and a particular design keeps appearing. Even home decor stores are lining up their inventory with the newest trend to encourage people to buy something. The next thing you know, you're stocking the house with new decors to complement your purchase.

When it comes to trends, remember that the quicker they appear, the quicker they will fade. People have a habit of looking for something new once they're over with a design. While trends come and go, timeless classics never go out of style. In fact, there's no need to keep up with the latest home trends since architectural designs don't fade away easily.

Adopting classic designs doesn't mean you have to settle with a traditional home. If you want a contemporary style without looking over the top, look for modern designs that complement your personal taste. For instance, a neutral theme can look more contemporary by adding minimalist furniture and neutral colors, such as gray, white, and black. These elements certainly blend well together and look more coordinated.

Trends are not good for the environment

Online retailers and high street vendors always push for new trends as it encourages customers to buy more, which helps them increase their sales. But this approach is actually promoting the 'throwaway mentality' by excessively using items and draining the environment of its resources.

Although iconic furniture and decors can be expensive, you can guarantee they will last for a long time and easily blend with your home regardless of the season. They are also more cost-efficient and durable if you add the cost of buying several cheap items in a few years. Sticking to timeless finishes and neutral colors will also encourage reusing items and reduce waste.

Trends keep you from following your own style

If you are redecorating the entire house, you'll likely develop a core theme that mimics your personal style. Finding a design you love is tough work and takes trial and error. While a trend seems appealing to you at first, keep in mind that it will eventually wear off.

When designing your living space, incorporate design elements you feel happy and comfortable with. You don't have to feel compelled to replace a certain element because you know it already reflects your unique style.

If you're joining a trend wagon, there's a chance you'll be riding along with it for some time. But as the trend expires, you'll be looking for something else to satisfy your design craving. This can be costly, time-consuming, and frustrating.

The best part of developing your own signature style is you can easily apply a few changes if you want to add something new. Since you're following your own design pattern, there's no need to remove everything else. 

As you begin your journey towards redecorating your home, it's fine to check the current trends of the season, but don't forget to add your personal touches as well. You need a living space that will inspire you to live comfortably and not something out of an Instagram feed. Invest in decors you appreciate and designs that reflect your personal style. In the end, interior design is all about embracing your choices and creating a home that suits you.

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