Thursday, April 29, 2021

A new pet can be a welcome addition to any new home, and it can bring together your family and unite them, but what should you be thinking about when you bring a pet home, and what do you need to consider?

Is Your Home Pet Proof?

Whether you get a parrot, a cat, a dog, or a pet rat, you will want to make sure your home is as pet-proof and pet-friendly as possible. For example, if you decide to have a bird, then do you have enough space to keep a large cage? Or, if you get a cat, do you have prized soft furnishings that you need to cover before they sink their claws into them. Getting and preparing your home for a new pet is essential.

What Healthcare Requirements Does Your Pet Have?

Not all pets have the same healthcare requirements. For example, pet rats do not need annual boosters as cats and dogs do. So, what healthcare requirements does your pet have or need? If you are unsure, then you need to use to ensure that you get expert veterinary advice and guidance. Knowing what healthcare requirements your pet needs and has before bringing them home will make pet ownership all the easier and more enjoyable.

What Food Does Your Pet Eat?

Cats and dogs have different dietary needs, as do birds and other small furry animals such as house rabbits, so what dietary needs and requirements does your pet have. For example, does your pet dog require a specialist diet full of nutrients that can only be found online, or does it require a mix of both wet and dry food? Knowing what food your new pet eats and when will allow you to plan your daily routine, and it will also allow you to work out roughly how much your new pet will be costing you to keep. 

Where Will Your Pet Live?

Does your new addition need a cage or a crate to be kept safe, and if so, where will this be kept? If you are getting a cat or a dog, then will they sleep in a living area, or will they sleep in a bedroom? It may not sound like an important consideration, but animals thrive on routine, and getting their living area established and maintained early on will make sure that bringing a new pet into your home goes as smoothly as possible.

How Long Will Your Pet Be Left Alone?

When do you leave the house and for how long? Pets, especially dogs, are social creatures, and they can suffer from separation anxiety which could lead to destructive behavior if it is not managed. So, how long is your pet going to be left alone in the day, and where will they be left? All animals need access to water and food, so it is important to ensure that you provide them access even if they are crated or caged when you leave the house, even if only for short periods of time.


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