Friday, December 11, 2020

Is A Destination Wedding The Best Choice For You?


Getting married is an event that should always feel special. If things go as they should, it won’t be the best day of your life - you’ll make more of those in the future with your spouse - but it should stand for something. It is one of those days you will look back on until you are old, and so it stands to reason that it should be worth remembering for all the right reasons.

It is for this reason that many people choose to have their wedding somewhere special. “Special” can mean a number of different things; it could be the church where your parents married; it could be a splendid stately home with sweeping grounds. Alternatively, it could be somewhere far away, with the perfect backdrop to really feel like a fairytale. If you’ve ever wondered about a destination wedding, it is worth thinking about it in detail - because, if you get it right, it could be the perfect way to say “I do”.

Planning will have an extra degree of difficulty

The starkest warning that can be made about a destination wedding is that it will test your planning to the max. You can take your trusty wedding planning checklist and add a few points. For example, will a wedding in your preferred locale actually stand legally when you return home? You’ll need to check these details with a registry office, and also consult closely with the authorities at the destination itself to see what legal requirements must be met. Finally, you’ll need to consider travel arrangements for yourselves and the wedding party - which also means trimming a guestlist down to those who can actually attend.

Know what you want from the day itself

One of the most important elements of a fairytale wedding is the aesthetic. When you’re looking back at your photos in twenty years’ time, you’ll want to feel that same burst of happiness you did at the time. Your wedding therefore deserves the setting that allows you to feel like fairytale royalty. It could be on the white sands next to the azure waters of Cancun; or the winter wonderland of Slovenia’s Lake Bled. It could be anywhere you choose - what’s important is that it fits with your dream of a perfect wedding.

Celebrate when you get home, too

Your wedding and your marriage are two different things, and while the former may be perfectly suited to a grand destination, the latter should be celebrated at home. You will, after all, be living as a married couple here, and it’s unlikely you’ll have had a huge congregation at the wedding. So - regulations permitting, of course - it is recommended that you hold a party to celebrate your union and invite everyone who you couldn’t take to the wedding itself. People will understand the desire to keep the wedding small and special, but the celebration should be inclusive and joyful.

Destination weddings offer you the chance to take a special day and turn it into something unique and magical. You only get one chance to make this dream come true, so make sure you take it with style.


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