Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Reorganize Your Closet


The start of a new season is a great time to clean out and reorganize your closet. It’s a big project, so set aside a chunk of time and then dive right in. If possible, take everything out of your closet and don’t put it back unless you’re sure it has a place in your life.


Paring down your wardrobe is a daunting task especially if you’re between sizes or between jobs. The best way to accomplish decluttering is to give yourself permission to keep items you’re unsure about; however, you can’t keep them in your closet! Pack up every item you’re on the fence about into a box. Seal and date the box and move it to the garage or attic. Set a reminder on your phone for three months and six months in the future. When you get the first notification, ask yourself two questions: Have I missed anything in that box? Do I even remember what’s in the box? When your answer is “no” to both questions, donate the box without opening it up again.


Take care of the items that you do keep by upgrading how you store them. Clothing that can easily get stretched out should be folded or put on padded hangers. Jewelry should be kept in drawers on velvet liners. Shoes and handbags should be stuffed with paper to hold their shape and stored upright.

Add Space

There is often plenty of unused space in a closet up high and down low. Consider adding a pull-down rack for extra storage. Hang belts, scarves and pants on slim line vertical hangers rather than spread out across the bar. Labeled, stacked boxes can go under shorter clothing. If you have space inside the door, install hooks to hang purses.

The biggest hurdle in closet organization is your mindset that you can’t get rid of things. Once you pare down your clothes and shoes to what you really like and really wear, you’ll discover a neater, simpler closet.


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