Friday, July 24, 2020

Self Care Advice For Those Who Are Struggling

Self care isn't something you’re either into or you’re not. It shouldn’t be, anyway. Self care should be something that everybody does, regardless of age, gender, and other factors. Looking after yourself should not be something that ever comes as an afterthought, or something that doesn’t come at all. That being said, many people simply aren't in the habit of caring for themselves, and as many weren't taught how important this is, they just don’t do it.

Getting into the self care habit is essential - especially if you’re struggling. Maybe work is getting you down, or maybe there are other things going on in your life that you just don’t know how to deal with. Whatever it is, looking after yourself can help you to get some headspace, and you could find yourself in a better mindset. This will allow you to make decisions far easier, and you should end up feeling less stressed. If you want to get into the self care habit but you don’t know how, read on for some self care advice:

Start Small

If you’re not used to self care, then you’re going to struggle to throw yourself head first into a self care routine. Just start small. For example, vow to drink a big glass of water when you get up in the morning, and leave your vitamins on the side so you remember to take them. This alone is an act of self care.  

Try to Turn It Into A Habit 

Transforming things into habits means you need to be consistent - it can take about 3 weeks for a habit to solidify to the point where you’re not just going to stop doing it. James Clear’s book Automic Habits explains how to transform your habits and get rid of bad ones. 

Only Do Things You Enjoy 

You don't need to slather yourself in lots of different masks if you really don’t like them. Don’t do things you really, genuinely don’t like in the name of self care and instead, just do things that you enjoy. There’s bound to be something you like to do, even if it’s spending 30 minutes on the hobby that you feel like you don’t spend enough time on. Looking after your skin and soaking in the bath can be lovely, but it might not be for you and that’s ok. 

Prioritize Your Health 

If you’re not prioritizing your health, you’re not prioritizing self care. Go to regular health appointments and check ups. Don’t underestimate the importance of eye tests, and make sure you go to the dentist. You may also want to get a hearing test. You might be surprised to learn that you could need a hearing aid if you have never been for a test. Stay on top of your appointments. 

Take Time To Yourself 

Just have some time away from everybody and enjoy it. Eat nice food, watch a show you love, and get comfortable in your own company

Consider A Therapist or Life Coach 

If you’re really struggling, a therapist or life coach could help you to get back on track. 


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