Friday, May 15, 2020

6 Unique Gifts for Your Adult Son

When he was a young boy, you knew he’d like toys and video games so getting him a fun present was easy. Now that he’s an adult and has moved out of the home, what do you get him for his birthday or Christmas? You might be stumped about guy gifts. If so, here are some great ideas to inspire you.

1. Wooden Organizer
If he seems to misplace his wallet and keys whenever he visits your house, he’s likely having the same issue at home. Help him stay organized by getting him a wooden box for his essentials, including his sunglasses and watch. Have his name engraved on the item to make it extra special.

2. Vehicle Payments

Is your son still paying off his car loan? Many adults have debt that includes vehicle payments, and he could be one of them. Take some of the financial pressure off his shoulders by shrinking the car loan. By writing a check for a chunk of the remaining amount (or all of it), you will likely help him more than you might even realize.

3. Babysitting Gift Cards

If your son is a dad, then create homemade cards that offer your babysitting services. Each one will be good for one evening or weekend babysitting your grandchildren. This present will be one he’s sure to appreciate, whether he makes it a date night without the kids or enjoys some quiet time at home.

4. Leather Apron

If he loves to BBQ or use other cooking techniques, then Men’s Aprons are a great gift idea. The durable material will last longer and look better than old-fashioned aprons. It will take him from the casual backyard cookout to the elegant dinner party host. He’ll think of your delicious home-cooked meals growing up as he puts his own spin on many dishes.

5. Gaming Keyboard

Is he still a video game lover, just as he was when he was a teenager? If so, consider getting him a mechanical gaming keyboard. It is backlit in a range of colors and makes a satisfying clicking sound as he hits keys on it. Take his enjoyment of games to the next level. He works hard at his career and deserves to have fun at the end of the day.

6. Retirement Savings

While he’s a young adult now, he will one day be in retirement. Help your adult son start to save for it by creating a retirement account for him. If he already has one, then deposit cash into it or buy him bonds. The gift of investment is an amazing one because you are encouraging his financial independence.

Final Words on Gifts for Your Adult Son

From goods that he can hold to items he can wear, and non-material options too, there are many great gift ideas for your boy now that he is all grown up. He will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and the bond you have will be as strong as always. Finally, he’s sure to love that the present, whichever one you choose from the list above, is unique and useful for him.


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