Thursday, October 31, 2019

What's Missing From Your Garden?

When you look out over your garden, what do you see? All the fruits of your labor, from the time and effort you put into growing and cultivating lots of yummy vegetables and colorful flowers? Maybe you notice a few things that seem out of place here and there? If you do, there might be a couple of reasons for that!

Your garden might have quite a few things missing. The leaves of the plants you do grow might be trying to tell you that! And before you try to do anything else out there in your own backyard, it’s time to pay attention to what they’re saying. So, here are some of the most common signs that your garden needs a little more love and care. 

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A Proper Light Source

Light is one of the most important things a garden needs. If your plants don’t receive enough sunlight on a daily basis, they’re not going to grow right, and there’s a good chance they won’t grow at all. And there’s one surefire way you can tell whether or not your plants are feeling healthy enough to photosynthesis: if they’re tilting to the side, via their stems and leaves, they’re in desperate chase of the sun. That means they need more light on a regular basis! 

Thankfully, you can provide this for them. An easy investment in something like a plant grow light would work wonders here, especially if you’re using an indoor planting arrangement, such as a greenhouse or a windowsill. 

Enough Water to Go Round

There’s a good chance you’re not watering your plants enough - very few gardeners actually do, simply because they want to be cautious with the amount of water they use. However, it’s key to understand what’s under watering and what’s being conservative with the watering can, and your plants can tell you how you’re doing. 

If your plant leaves are brown, and crunch when you grip or touch them, they’re in desperate need of more water! If you haven’t seen any new leaves in quite a while, you need to give your plant more water on a daily basis - if there are no new growths, your plant doesn’t feel supported enough to keep on living! And if they’re wilting a little, they might need a top up. 

A Healthy Balance of Green and Color!

Of course, there needs to be a balance to your garden. And if there are only pale or light green plants in your backyard, there’s a chance your soil could do with a little more fertilizer. These are signs of hungry plants, after all, and you might need to spread a bit more growing material over the ground for the roots to soak up. A lack of iron is what tends to turn leaves pale and yellowed at times, but this deficiency is easily fixed. 

Your garden might be missing a few things, but you can easily remedy these mistakes. Be sure to do so soon! 


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