Saturday, September 28, 2019

Surviving Your Next Family Road Trip

Family road trips can be so much fun and allow you to create memories that you can look back on forever. However, they can also be a lot of work, and knowing how to survive them is key to having a great time. Being as prepared as possible is usually the only way to make sure this road trip goes to plan. Read on for some great tips and advice on how you can not only survive, but actually enjoy your road trip together:

Plan As Far In Advance As Possible

Have everybody help plan the trip together so that everybody is excited. What are your must do/see attractions and experiences? Come up with ideas together. Make sure you plan far in advance as this will build anticipation and make the trip even better. It’ll also give you a chance to get everything you need in place. 

Plan Your Breaks Ahead Of Time

Spend some time before you leave planning out your route so you can plan your breaks. Kids will need more breaks than you, so make sure you consider this. It’s a good idea to stick to a regular eating schedule too, as this could help you to avoid tantrums. Know where the food places are on your map. If kids need a longer break to stretch their legs, consider finding a park. In general, the driving part will probably take you longer than you’d like, but the kids will stay happy and comfortable.  

Gadgets Will Keep Kids Occupied

As much as you’d like to picture yourselves gazing out of the window and pointing out animals, kids will need more than that to stay entertained. Download a few apps and episodes of a favourite show in advance so that you can give them that if they start to get bored. 

Let Kids Pack A Bag

Give kids the choice to pack a small bag of their own with toys and books they want to bring. This is so important if the car journey is going to be long, as kids need lots of stimulation to stay occupied. You might even want to pack a favorite blanket to encourage them to fall asleep. 
You could pack a surprise item that you only plan on pulling out if you can tell they are heading towards a melt down. The novelty will help with the meltdown and distract them, usually! 

Snacks, Drinks, And First Aid 

Do not skimp on the snacks, drinks, and other food items to keep you going. First aid is also important. You don’t want to consider what you’d do if you got into an auto wreck, but you do need to be prepared for it. Make sure you have emergency numbers, phone chargers, and anything else that will help you to get in touch with the emergency services, whatever the time or place. 

Make Sure Your Driving Schedule Is Realistic 

Your driving schedule must be realistic. Don’t rush to where you’re going - just enjoy the journey! 


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