Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Getting Older? Here's How To Cope

Getting older is often something that is dreaded, however, more than anything, ageing is a state of mind. Yes your body will get older and you’ll develop more wrinkles, but you don’t have to adopt that ‘old person’s mindset’. Mindset is so powerful. A study was conducted where a group of older men had to live like they were in their 20s. They read papers from that era, listened to music from that era, and did everything possible to convince themselves that’s the era it was. By the end of the experiment, many of them felt better, were walking taller, and were even going without their canes. 

If you’re worried about coping with ageing, below, you’ll find advice that could help you: 

Keep Your Mind Healthy 

Start by keeping your mind healthy. From the intro you can gather how important your state of mind is, so work on keeping your mind healthy and strong. You can do this by brain training, doing things like crosswords, sudoku, and other games. Do this rather than watching TV or scrolling the internet, at least for a while. The earlier you start, the better! 

You can also keep your mind healthy by making sure you get plenty of sleep, eating healthy foods, and reading self development books. Everything works together holistically, so taking care of both your physical and mental well-being is important. 

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Ask For Help If You Need It 

You might realize that you need a little more help as you get older, and that’s normal. You may not be able to walk as far as you did once, or even get around your house the same way you did. Maybe you could use help moving into a bungalow, or perhaps you want some help from a place like Senior Life. Whatever you think is best for you, make sure you speak to those closest to you and get an idea of what you can sort out. 

Stay Active

Make sure you do your best to stay active. The longer you stay active, the more mobile and healthier you’ll be later on in life. People accept things like bad backs, aches and pains, and slowing down as a normal sign of ageing, but the fact is, they haven’t done much exercise. Go for regular walks, try swimming, and if you feel up to it do a gym class or go on your own. Try to incorporate some activities into every day. 

Eat Well 

Balanced meals are the key to health and happiness - don’t let the pendulum swing too much one way or the other! You want to get plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy proteins, carbs, and healthy fats. Learn how to read nutritional labels and what each macronutrient does for you. 

Let Go Of The Need To Look ‘Perfect’ 

No matter how great your skincare routine is, how much you exercise, and how hydrated you stay, your body will change. Let go of the need to look perfect and embrace these changes. Many people report feeling much happier and more comfortable with themselves as they age! 


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