Saturday, May 11, 2019

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In today’s ever-evolving world of policing, departments constantly have to upgrade their procedures and equipment. Providing your department’s officers with up-to-date equipment allows them to feel more secure on an already stressful job.

Police Shields

Ballistic shields protect officers during riots and SWAT raids. As these scenarios unfortunately become more frequent, departments across the globe have adopted police shields to better outfit personnel. Even civilian members of the public can find a reliable ballistic shield for sale to provide personal protection.

Protective Vests

Weapons pose a direct threat to the lives of officers if in the wrong hands, making protective vests a must for any department. Vests primarily come in two forms. Ballistic-resistant vests protect vital organs of the torso against firearm ammunition. Stab-resistant vests, utilized primarily by correctional officers, protect against knives and other types of melee weapons. Some protective vests can combine both features to safeguard officers from a variety of threats.

Body Cameras

More and more departments nationwide are adopting officer-worn body cameras to not only convey transparency and accountability to the public but also to document evidence easier than relying on testimony alone. Body cameras can also allow department heads to provide better feedback on officer actions.

Equipment To Aid in Arrests

A wide range of equipment exists to protect officers as they make arrests — all without drawing a firearm. Tasers, stun guns and pepper spray can safely immobilize suspects without violent force. For car chases, placing physical barriers or road spikes on pavement can slow down or stop a pursued vehicle before it endangers the lives of pedestrians and other drivers.

As threats to officers continue to increase each year, police departments must adapt to evolving ideas of fighting crime. By investing wisely in equipment upgrades, you can ensure your men and women in blue continue to serve their communities to the highest of standards in safety and ethics.


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