Thursday, March 21, 2019

The Essential Guide To Garden Water Features

You might take one look at the jungle like environment that has exploded in your back garden, only to put off the clearance job you need to embark on to make your garden fit for purpose this summer. While you might not have a horticultural bone in your body, you don’t need to be super green fingered to whip out the rubble sacks, put on your garden gloves and start cutting back the overgrown foliage outside. Once you can see the square footage you have to play with, and you have a blank canvas, you can start thinking about the sort of garden that you want to design. Many people choose to install some sort of water feature to add a touch of class to their outside spaces. A water feature doesn’t just look pretty but the sound can be soothing and therapeutic. Take a look at this guide to water features to inspire your garden design.

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If you have ever been to a stately home or a park, the chances are you have seen the vast and ornate fountains within the grounds. These cherub like stone features are enormous and probably won’t fit into your humble space. However, you can glean inspiration from such traditionally made fountains. Your fountain could also be made from stone, have a central figure or be something totally different and be inspired by the water fountains outside of Japanese temples. There are water orbs, trickling fountains or spray versions. Consider the sort of fountain that would be most apt for your space. Don't forget that you will need to select from a range of fountain pumps to ensure that you maintain the correct pressure and that the water remains hygienic and safe. With any luck, your water feature will become the focal point of your garden, for all of your visitors to admire.


If you have a small brood in tow, you might be a little wary of putting a pond in your back garden. The danger of slipping in is all too real. However, if you install adequate safety netting and barriers, a pond could be the ideal educational resource for your little ones. By attracting wildlife such as toads, frogs, newts, and birds to your back garden, you can teach your kids all about the animals, their habitat and how they can do their bit to care for them. Most children are interested in nature so it might be useful to harness this. Ponds need very little maintenance so long as you have a pump and an adequate liner to ensure the water doesn’t drain into the surrounding soil. Ensure that you clean the pond once or twice a year to remove algae and you could have a superior environment for local wildlife.

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While you won’t be considering anything on the scale of Niagara Falls, you can have a small waterfall in your garden, especially if you need to utilize a gradient. Sloped gardens are perfect for waterfall type features. Install a rockery with some hardy plants, and allow your waterfall to go alongside this. This makes for an elegant water feature that has a subtle sound; perfect for those moments where you want to head outdoors and relax with a book.

Your garden needn’t be a flowering paradise, but it can be a water idyll.


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