Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Gifts Suitable for Acquaintances and Co-Workers

There are often people on your gift giving list that you feel obligated to buy for, but you may not know them on a personal level. This could be co-workers that you do a gift exchange with, a neighbor you appreciate, or the kids’ teachers. You don't want to skip over these people, but what do you buy for them. The following are a few general categories that are appreciated by anyone.

Many people that you need a present for are not close friends. You might not know their personal style or interests, but this doesn't mean you have to skip over them. Food is always a safe option. Consider food gift baskets for neighbors or homemade cookies for your coworkers. Candy and chocolates are also a lovely token of appreciation during the holidays. You will find many boxed sweets available in decorative packaging or collector tins that can become a keepsake.

A candle is both functional and beautiful. There are several scents and colors to choose from. You will even find layered candles that offer multiple scents in one candle. If you want something truly unique, consider a battery operated candle. They are safe around pets and children, and many include timers.

Christmas Decor
Give Christmas decor to those hard to buy for people on your list. Stick to items that will fit in with a variety of decorating styles. Fresh greens are perfect. A wreath or swag made from fresh cuttings can be used indoors or outside. They have a wonderful scent that immediately reminds one of the holidays, and they are a luxury one doesn't often buy for themselves.

As long as you pick out gifts within these general categories, you will be sure to be purchasing a present that anyone can appreciate. Food is always welcome, and candles will suit a variety of styles and tastes. If all else fails, Christmas decor is a safe option for anyone on your gift list this year.

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  1. Some great suggestions for gifts. I create personalised and bespoke paper gifts for various occasions that lend themselves well for giving to acquaintances and co-workers. Such as designs including favourite lyrics, famous saying, or personal phrase the person commonly uses.


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