Friday, September 21, 2018

Children can be expensive, and there is no hiding away from that fact. But we all know that children need things on a day to day basis. They are always growing, their interests are changing, and their needs really need to be met. But with an eye on the costs how do you ensure that those children don’t break you financially? I wanted to share with you some of the ways that you can start to keep the costs down when it comes to your kids. 

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Make invested choices with things like toys

Toys are one of those things you can think you have enough of, but as interests change from time to time, you may find that you are inundated with more things on a monthly basis. Not to mention the birthdays and Christmas additions to add to the mix. Sometimes the best advice is to make more invested choices with your purchases, looking into a more interesting toy that will stand the test of time, rather than something plastic that they may lose interest in after a few weeks. 

Keep things for future siblings to enjoy in the future

You may not want to hoard things, but often keeping certain things for future younger siblings is a great way to send less in the future. Tyds, clothes they have outgrown, it can all come in handy for when and if you have more children in the future. Once you are doine, you could then utilise platforms like eBay to sell any unwanted things and give your bank balance a healthy boost. 

Seekout bargains online and use codes and discounts

It is always a good idea to do plenty of research ahead of making any purchases, especially online. There are always discount codes and vouchers you could use, as well as people sharing knowledge on some of the best places to make certain purchases. The name of the game is to have more money in your back pocket, and so utilizing these tools could considerably reduce your overall spend. 

Buy in bulk

The next thing you may want to think about is how buying in bulk could save you on bigger costs. For example, when you favourite childrens clothing shop has a sale, you could buy the next size up at a discounted price. Helping you to feel organised in the future. Buying in bulk works for other things such as school uniforms or even drinks and snacks in your home. 

Encourage eating as a family to help with the food bill

Finally, children can be picky, especially at meal times. If you let them, they will have you making different meals for everyone, and in the long run this ends up costing you. Make a new rule that you will make one thing for the family to enjoy, it keeps the cost down and allows you to lead by example when it comes to eating to help avoid the fussy eating stage getting any worse. 

I hope that these tips help you to keep the costs down when it comes to your kids. 


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