Friday, February 2, 2018

Everybody needs a place to relax in, and where better than in your very own garden. Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to chill out if your outdoor space is full of weeds, unkempt shrubbery, and old bits of rubbish that are too big to fit in the trash and you haven't got around to getting rid of yet. Instead, you need an outdoor space that is a tranquil haven. Luckily, all you need to do is read on to find out how to get one.


The thing about achieving a tranquil garden is that they need to be some sort of balance involved. That is the different elements need to work in harmony together, with neither the planting, shrubbery, seating area, or other space dominating. You even need to achieve a balance between the natural elements and the man-made structures such as furniture and ornaments. 

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To help you achieve this, it can be useful to plan out the garden first, ensuring that you assign enough space to each element. It can also be beneficial to use mirrored garden ornaments. This is because these are attractive and provide light, but also reflect the green around them so work very harmoniously in a garden space.


When considering planting for your tranquil garden, you must prioritize things that give you a personal sense of calm. That means it can be quite a subjective process. However, do bear in mind that different shades and texture of green used side by side can work very well. In particular, things like grass, with shrubs like brachyglottis and then taller trees like conifer are a good choice.

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However, if you are looking to introduce some color to your tranquil garden space go for plants and trees in more subtle pastel shades. Orchid trees like the Hong Kong orchid and purple orchid can work well in this type of space, especially if they are complemented by lush green vegetation in the rest of the garden.

A space for relaxation 

Next, you will want to create a space in which you can enjoy all this harmony and balance from. To do this consider installing a sun lounger, or even a hammock in which you can recline and truly appreciate the tranquility of your yard.

You can buy these ready-made. Although you may wish to have a go at making one yourself by following the guidance you’ll find here.

Treat yourself to some relaxation in your tranquil garden
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Low maintenance 

Lastly, it can be very hard to relax in your garden if you go outside and all you can see are jobs that need doing. In fact, this can lead to you avoiding going outside at all, let alone spending extended and enjoyable amount of time there.

Consequently, it's important that the garden you create is one that is low maintenance. That is it only takes a little time each month to keep it in a neat and attractive condition. With this in mind, it can be helpful to pick plants that need little tending to, but still fit into your overall scheme such as sedum and hardy cyclamen.

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It is also a smart idea to invest in some garden tools that can help make the work a little easier to complete. Then you know you will be able to enjoy your tranquil garden haven with the minimum of effort possible. 


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