Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Geeky Gift Ideas

It’s the time of year where you have to begin thinking about the ones you love, and what they might want for Christmas. There’s so many ideas that you’ll have for so many different people. But we all have that one person in our life that we really struggle to buy for. Fortunately for you, there’s things that you can put on everyone’s Christmas gift list, technology. Everyone loves some form of tech, and luckily for you there’s enough new tech being created all year round, so you won’t have to search far for the perfect gift. If you’re still thinking about what tech you can get people, here is some ideas that everyone will love.

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A lot of people out there really love gaming. It’s fun, and there’s just such a variety for everyone out there. If you’re struggling for one gift idea, a console or a game for a previously owned console. A great new console out at the minute is the Nintendo Switch. It was only released a few months ago, but it has already captured the hearts of families all of the world. It is a portable playing system you can either play alone or two player. Two remotes attach to the board that holds the game. It is so much fun for bringing the whole family together, it is definitely something anyone would love as a gift, but especially your younger children.

There’s also online and app gaming that some gamers really love. It is another way of getting immersed into the world of gaming, but in a more competitive nature. There are some great massive multiplayer online role playing games that hook people all around the world. If you know you have a geeky gamer in your life, treat them to something like the new Final Fantasy game. You can pay for it to play on the internet, which offers a more responsive gaming experience, or you can get Final Fantasy 15 on mobile  so they can play it on the go. It’s a game that they can really get into, there’s quests to complete and friends to be made. It’s a game for a true gamer who appreciates online role playing games. If you know someone like this, it’s definitely worth getting for them.

Virtual Reality

This sort of comes under gaming, but there’s a bit more to virtual reality than just that. Yes, it is mainly for gaming at the minute. Big gaming giants such as Playstation have brought out their own version of it, but none of the other gaming platforms have as of yet. It’s the perfect gift to just wow someone. If you buy the playstation one, you can get tonnes of games with it. It’ll really make them feel like they’re being immersed in the game. But, as we said, it isn’t all about gaming. You can watch films on there, or just make it so that you’re in amongst nature. One time they could be walking through Lapland, the next the Amazon rainforest. That feeling of leaving reality is perfect for anyone.


Everyone loves a bit of music, so speakers are pretty much the perfect gift for anyone. This year has seen some really cool sound systems be produced, at a cost that isn’t really that expensive. Make sure you know the person well though. Are they the type that’s going to online want it in the house? If this is the case you can go bigger and better. Or are they someone who would probably like to take it on the move? Maybe the travel a lot etc. If that’s the case then there’s so many portable speakers built by high end companies that offer some crisp and clear sound. Or, going back to someone who might only stay at home, you could look into the Google home, or Amazon Echo. They’re two new systems that have been developed this year. They also aid daily life as well as being a speaker. They can make notes, set alarms, and even be connected up to parts of the house if you have the means to do so. Just one little command and they can turn the lights off as well as many other cool things. They speaker system side of it is also really clear, definitely worth a buy.

Those were just a few geeky gift ideas that’s bound to make a few different people in your life very happy. With Christmas only around the corner, it’s time to get that Christmas shopping on the go.


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