Monday, March 27, 2017

If there is a gadget that is ever present in every performance, it is definitely the volume pedal. The Ernie Ball VP JR features a compact design, an optimized potentiometer for passive instruments and a micro taper switch to provide two distinct swell rates. Those three features alone are enough to prove that this is worth its price.

Normal wear and tear is expected, however, buy up options for coverage are provided upon purchase. Warranty beyond the manufacturer's warranty period is an offer difficult to refuse. Unexpected breakdowns, normal wear and tear, damage brought about by spill, drops, and cracks, dust, internal heat and humidity, and power surges are covered for only a few pennies each day. 

I believe this is the best deal I've seen today. You know of someone who would need this? Click on the link and purchase it for them. They'll be ecstatic, I'm sure.  



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