Monday, February 13, 2017

Turn Your Workspace Into A Working Hub

Where you do your work has such an impact on how you work. A messy office can make it so much harder to concentrate, as well as causing you to lose valuable time during your working day hunting for lost items. It’s also been shown that a tidy office can increase productivity by as much as 20%. The first step is to get things in order, but you then have to make sure they are kept that way. Here is some useful advice when it comes to making your office a more productive environment and improving your worklife.

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Your Table and Chair

If you work in an office or from home, you will spend a big proportion of your day sat at your desk. First start by making sure you have a comfortable chair that is easily adjustable so you don’t cause yourself any back problems. Make sure the top of your computer monitor is at eye level and try to keep it at least 17 inches away from yourself. Keep your feet resting on the floor and remember to take regular breaks to keep your blood circulation going.


The number one enemy to productivity is clutter. Make sure only active work remains on your desk, while everything else can be filed away for reference. Keep all your stationery together in one place which is in easy access. Position your phone and anything else you use on a regular basis on your most dominant side. 

Personal Items

It’s a nice idea to keep some personal items around to keep your mind positively focused. Whether these are pictures of your family or some personal trinkets to remind you of a happier time, these can provide a welcome distraction from work. If you are looking for a unique novelty item for your desk, you can get some personalized bobbleheads of you and your family made up. Other novelty items you could look at include mini pool tables, mouse mats, pen pots or mugs.    

Colour, Sound and Air

The colour of a room can have a major impact on us. It’s been shown that the colour blue can help encourage productivity, so try repainting your office to see what impact this has on you. If you don’t like it, changing your mind is pretty straightforward.

Some people prefer quiet when they are working, while others like to have some music in the background. If you work in a naturally noisy environment, try some noise cancelling headphones to block out what is going on around you. Many people find it tricky to work if there is complete silence, so take some time to experiment with what works best for you.

Too much recirculated air can have a major effect on our ability to concentrate. Try to open the windows at least a couple of times a day and open the door to get the through draught going. Even if it is the middle of winter, there’s nothing like some bracing cold air to perk you up!

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