Monday, September 16, 2013

Filmography: Anak ("Child")

The movie "Anak" ("Child") is a moving story about a mother who was forced to leave her children to work as a maid in Hong Kong. This movie aptly depicts the lives of the majority of Filipinos working overseas, and of the families they have left behind. 

I am not new to this feeling. I was an OFW. I worked in Taiwan caring for the elderly. Those were the loneliest two years in my life. I still consider myself lucky because I did not suffer the same fate as Josie (the lead character in the movie). Kudos to my mom to whom I entrusted my children when I left. She did a very good job keeping them grounded and guiding them towards a straight path.

I am sharing a clip of the movie, the confrontation scene where Josie vents out all her emotions on her eldest child, Carla who grew up wild and rebellious. This is a "box of tissues" scene and honestly, watching it makes me cry EVERY TIME. 

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Credits to warrior1030 who uploaded this piece.

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  1. I cried rivers of tears too watching that movie. I could relate so much because my mom sent me to school working abroad.♥


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