Friday, May 22, 2020

Safely Tossing Bulky, Unwanted Appliances, Cars and More

We have definitely all been there - there’s some non-working appliance, electronic item or even something larger, like a car or pool, that’s just been collecting dust, rust or mold in our homes and yards for months or even years. And why? It isn’t because we enjoy those expensive home ornaments taking up space and making us look like Fred Sanford’s younger cousin. It’s because we don’t know what to do with them! 

Photo Credit: Ömer Aydın
So many of us have no idea how to dispose of non-working items like this properly. We know we won’t want to just throw them away, because they’ll be tossed in a landfill and that’s terrible for the environment. But how do we dispose of them? 

Below are a few ideas of disposing of appliances and other items safely and responsibly. 


So you’ve got a washer or dryer that finally bit the dust, sitting there turning into a rust heap in your basement. Or your dishwasher is camping out in the garage, an expensive pile of non-working metal. You don’t want to just throw them away but you aren’t sure if they can be recycled, either. So what to do? 

For certain appliances, you may be able to strip them for parts which you can then sell, donate or give away. Wiring may be valuable, so check with your local recycling center. They may be willing to pay you for some of the parts and wires. 

When all else fails, you can call a commercial junk hauler to take away your unwanted items. This takes away all the hassle of having to find a way to get rid of the items yourself and they will recycle them and dispose of them safely for you. 


Pretty much all of us have a junk drawer with at least two non-working cell phones that we have no idea what to do with. They’re so expensive, you don’t want to just give them away, but you can’t ever use them again. 

Luckily, there are a number of companies that buy used cell phones. You can even find the kiosks in the foyer of your favorite retail store, or if that isn’t your bag, pop online to review a few of the companies that do this. It’s usually as simple as filling out a form, snapping a picture or two and the company will send you a mailer and a label, then pay you for your phone(s)! These companies will pay good money for smart phones especially, as they recycle, repair and repurpose them. 

This same practice can work for other electronics, too, such as TVs, video game consoles, and more. Why let something sit around collecting dust, or throw it away where it won’t ever break down in a landfill, when you can sell it for some quick cash? 


There’s nothing worse than having a broken down car sitting in your yard, driving down your property value and turning into a rust heap. 

If you find yourself with a car that you can’t sell, isn’t worth anything for parts, and you have no idea how to get rid of it, luckily there are options for you. You could call a salvage yard, and while they will come tow your vehicle and give you cash for it, beware that they often don’t pay very much. 

Another option is to contact a reputable company like Sell the Car USA, who buys junked, wrecked, damaged and non-running cars for reasonable fees. You can sell your car to them, get it towed off your property and never have to worry about it again! These companies usually pay you before they even take your car off the property, ensuring that you’re paid fairly and quickly. You can start a quote and fill out a little information to find out if your car is a good candidate for this service!

And there you have it. In most cases, whether you’re looking at an electronic item, appliance or something larger like a vehicle, you can find a reputable company who will take it off your hands. You might even make some money for it! 

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