Saturday, February 4, 2023

What Do Employees Want From Their Employers?


If you run a small business, unlocking the full potential of your workforce should be an ongoing priority. To see the best results, though, you must first put yourself in their shoes. A deeper appreciation of what they actually expect from their employer will enable you to provide those key features.

Of course, all employees are individuals with unique thoughts. However, the most common expectations and desires are listed below.

A Balance Between Direction & Freedom

Most employees want to feel confident in their capabilities and ability to do the job. Therefore, they will require some guidance on your behalf. A clear mission statement and company policy should provide a strong foundation. Similarly, your mentorship will deliver a plethora of benefits.

However, great workers also want to showcase their talents. They understand their areas of expertise far better than you do. So, as long as you provide the necessary direction to ensure that they can work within the company’s framework, autonomy is a key asset. 

Engagement & Happiness

As well as striking the right balance between guidance and autonomy, you must ensure that the work is engaging. If it fails to deliver on this front, productivity and morale will both take a hit. With this in mind, the employee experience should be a priority. Not least because this helps you build a company culture.

A rewarding program is one thing, but you can also use simple additions like coffee machines and water coolers. When combined with a good understanding of their other commitments, such as parenting, you should see positive results.

Opportunities To Grow

You may find that some of your employees are content to stay in their current role for years. However, the majority of great workers have ambitions to grow. Therefore, establishing a clear path to progression could be one of the smartest moves that you ever make. Not least because successful employees will inspire their co-workers.

Growth opportunities can be facilitated in many ways, including staff training modules. Even if the employee has ambitions of moving to another firm, the short-term benefits gained will vindicate your efforts.

A Sense Of Belonging 

Most workers want to take pride in their job. Working for a company that they respect is an important factor. Therefore, contributing to your community can be a vital step for building a better business. Aside from encouraging a better response from your employees, it’s likely to boost the brand image and reputation with its clients.

A sense of belonging can be further promoted with small workplace updates. Dedicated lockers or enabling workers to decorate their desks can make a huge difference. Good team communication will aid the cause too. 

Good Pay

It would be naive to think that a good salary isn’t one of the most important features for an employee. They deserve to be suitably remunerated too. As an employer, you can easily research the market to see what other companies pay workers in similar roles. This will enable you to provide a competitive salary.

While money isn’t the only incentive for a worker, its importance is even greater in the current climate. If you want to be a great boss and actively get more out of your employees, this step is vital. Do not overlook it for a second.


  1. This has some great insights into the corporate world! In actually, even you work FOR someone, it’s really a team effort no matter what position you have. The boss included. That’s so much for sharing! I’ll remember this!

    -Whitney Stewart

  2. All of these are great! I especially agree with the last one, people want to be paid what they deserve for their role and don't want to be undercut when they can get the same job somewhere else for more $$$.

  3. When I worked for other companies, the most important things were a positive atmosphere, fair pay, and the chance to advance.

  4. This is such a timely article for business owners looking to hire while workers are reestablishing their priorities when job-hunting. Knowing what employees want from their employers will certainly make getting the best candidate easier!

  5. Yyyeeessssss! You have spoken for thousands of us on the points of good pay and opportunities to grow. Many times, "we" feel stiffled by our employers.

  6. Yes to all!! I wish some employers can really understand the needs of their employees. Working for a company like that will be a dream.

  7. Yes, we all want opportunities to grow. A lot of employees leave when they fdon't feel like they are not growing in a company.

  8. These are all true. Good pay is of course included but for me a balance between engagement and happiness is more important. I want to be happily working.

  9. Employers need to see this post and be more aware of how to "Give back" to their employees. If an employee isn't happy, their productivity slacks and they could even look for another job.

  10. I've had some horrible employers, but this post is right on target. Besides money, people just want to be treated with respect.

  11. I think employees want to be appreciated and rewarded! This is a great post!

  12. Great post and will help business owners to take care of their employees.

  13. It's interesting how people are different and how for someone #1 is good pay and for other person #1 will be a sense of belonging.


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