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How to Reduce Suffering at Work


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Most of us need to work. And with Christmas coming up, some of us work longer and harder. But too much work can be bad for you. So here are some tips to reduce suffering at work.

Seek Legal Advice

Your job can be a major source of pain in your life. Physical and mental suffering is common at work. In the UK alone, over 800,000 workers per year experience physical and mental injuries from their job. And if your job has caused an injury, you should speak to a reputable accident attorney as soon as possible. They can hold your employer to account if your job is causing pain and suffering because of neglect or failure to adequately protect you or other workers.

Try to Reduce Repetitive Injury

A repetitive strain injury is common in people who do the same thing over and over again. People who work on a production line or at a desk in an office are great examples. Some countries have laws that say if you sit at a desk and use a computer, you have to take breaks. Even if your boss isn't required to give you breaks, sometimes you can still ask for one. This will help keep your muscles and bones from getting hurt from sitting at a desk all day.

Reduce Suffering at Work with Eye Protection

There are many workplace dangers. And for many jobs, you need to protect your eyes. For example, if you work with metal, build things, or work on cars, you need eye protection. But even everyday things can hurt your sight. Tablets and smartphones that people use at work, for example, give off blue light, which can cause eye fatigue and macular degeneration. Blue light filters work well, and regular breaks help reduce ocular stress that can cause damage over time.

Be Aware of Back Strain

A back strain can become a big problem if you don't take care of it. The back injury won't get better if the pressure is kept on it. There are a lot of things that can hurt your back. Some of them include moving quickly, lifting heavy things, and not doing much. Pain gels and over-the-counter painkillers can be used to treat this common problem. But if the issue keeps popping up, you might want to see a doctor or chiropractor and take some time away from work.

Take Time to Rest Your Mind

Most people want to get back to their normal lives as soon as possible after an injury, such as a back strain. Sad to say, this takes time. So, knowing what you can't do is important. Also, getting hurt and not being able to work can hurt your mental health and cause troubles like anxiety and depression. Therapists will help improve mood through exercises and give your body and psyche time to heal so you can get over the mental stress of your experiences at work.


If you are constantly in pain or experience mental fatigue, you need to reduce suffering at work. Try speaking to a lawyer, practicing good eye care, and always taking time for mental wellbeing.

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