Thursday, March 3, 2022

5 Ways to Give Back to Your Parents


Our parents do so much for us. They feed, clothe and bathe us when we are too small to do anything for ourselves, and they are there when we need them throughout our childhood. Through thick and thin, our parents give us support and guidance to become the adults we want to be. 

Their generosity to devote themselves so altruistically to their children is incredible. But while you are young you can’t really do a lot to repay them. You can be on your best behavior and help out around the house, but you can’t pay rent or make the same sacrifices as them.

When you get older, however, the tables begin to turn. You grow up and start to earn a living, while your parents retire and their mental and physical vitality begins to decline. Now the power is in your hands to give something back and return the favor for raising you. 

So what can you do to make a difference? Here are five meaningful ways you can give back to your loving parents.

Help them financially

When your parents stop earning money and enter retirement, they may need to be a bit more careful with money. If they need it, you can help them out in small ways by contributing to their bills or doing their grocery shopping. If you are in a good financial position to do so, you can even give them a sum of money to live off.

Teach them a skill

Your parents taught you how to do everything from tying your laces to writing a resume. And now you have some valuable skills you can bestow upon them. Modern technology is often where an elderly relative’s knowledge gaps will lie, so you could show them how to set up a social media account or use FaceTime to keep in touch with grandkids.

Surprise them

What is the most unexpected present you could give to your parents as a massive thank you? Maybe you could surprise them by taking them on holiday, or getting them a dog to spend retirement with. Come up with something that will stop them in their tracks and they’d never think of getting themselves. 

Support them through ill health

If, god forbid, one or both of your parents goes through a patch of ill health, you will need to be there for them. They looked after you when you were unable to look after yourself, and now the shoe is on the other foot. You may need to assist with transport to the hospital, or potentially consider options like home health care for seniors.

Show them you love them

Your parents don’t raise you because they want anything from you. They do it because they adore you and want you to thrive in life. So the best thing you can do to repay their love is to love them back. Visit them regularly, no matter how busy your schedule is. And make sure they feel like you really want to be there, and you’re not just ticking off an item on your to-do list. This is especially important if you have a parent who lives alone and feels isolated.


  1. These are all such great ideas. Our parents give us so much. It's important that we give back to them.

  2. These are all beautiful ideas. I wish that I had a relationship with my parents so I could do these things.

  3. The last tip is beautiful :) Make them feel loved with not just words but also actions.

  4. I love to give back to my parents by buying them presents on Holidays. It may be small but its the gesture of gratitude that counts.

  5. He who doest not know how to give back to his parents will never get to his destination. Thank you for sharing these ways to give back to our parents.

  6. I am 100% agree with all of these especially to the last tip because it is so important to show we loved them in everyday.

  7. How beautiful! I shared this with my son. Although we are healthy and don't need financial help, I'm hoping he'll find a nice way to surprise me!

  8. Great ideas! Helping my grandparents has been rewarding and I love helping them.

  9. These are all so great! It's so important to show our parents how much we love them.

  10. So sweet! I always want to be giving back to my parents!

  11. Great ways to give back to parents. showing them appreciation and love is good to say thank you for what they did.

  12. I absolutely love this article. So sweet and so important to support our loved ones, especially our parents.


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