Saturday, November 7, 2020

5 Ways People Are More Distracted On The Car

People have been using cars for over 100 years. It’s a long time when you think of how much cars have improved and developed. But are they safer than they used to be? 

Ultimately, accidents on the road have shown no sign of slowing down. Perhaps, it’s time to blame bad driving rather than bad cars. Staying safe at the wheel means you have to be aware of the many distractions around you.

#1. They surround themselves with loud noises

Admittedly, as electric vehicles are becoming more and more common on the road, fuel-powered engines are likely to fall into disuse. But, we’re not quite there yet. Most drivers should be able to rely on surrounding noises to make decisions on the road. For instance, someone approaching an intersection can rely on motor noises for guidance. Unfortunately, loud noises in the vehicle, typically from the radio, can ├╣make it hard to hear what’s happening outside. In the long term, a lot of drivers are at risk of developing hearing problems, as they maintain an unnecessarily loud environment inside the car. The bottom line: They can’t hear traffic. 

#2. They are texting

There’s a reason why using your phone isn’t a good idea when you’re driving. It is highly distracting. According to car accident lawyers, crashes could have been avoided if drivers didn’t use their phones. Sending or reading texts while you’re driving forces you to take your eyes off the road. A couple of seconds, that’s all it takes to hit the brakes too late. 

#3. They are eating

We get it: it’s been a long day and you just crave a cheeky burger on the way home. However, drive-through restaurants are no excuse to eat as you drive. You are more likely to get distracted or find yourself unable to react when you’re worried about holding your burger. 

Ideally, if you need to eat during a long journey, you should park the car safely. You’re not saving time by eating on the go. You’re only making it more difficult for yourself to look at the road. 

#4. They are already angry

We’ve all had a bad day. Whether it was a difficult meeting with the boss or the barista spilling coffee on your blouse, sometimes you’re just angry. But driving while you’re angry is the worst decision you can make. Anger makes you more likely to drive fast and not pay attention. More importantly, it can turn you into an aggressive driver who puts others at risk. 

Angry drivers are easy to spot on the road. The best and easiest way to manage them is to move over and let them drive past. 

#5 . They are setting the sat nav

The GPS is, in many ways, similar to using the phone. When your eyes and hands are on the screen, they’re not paying attention to the car. Set up your sat nav system before driving to avoid any issues. 

Drivers are creating more and more distractions. Unfortunately, we are shaping a multitasking lifestyle for ourselves where people constantly need to do many tasks simultaneously. This, however, should not apply to driving. To keep distractions to a minimum, you need to be fully focused on what you’re doing. When you’re driving, there’s no room for singing, texting, eating, or even releasing your anger! 

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