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Best Ways To Style Your Gold Jewelry

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Gold is in. It is the most trendy and popular metal in the fashion world. Gold jewelry can look good on any type of outfit, you just have to know how to style it. With the right outfit and accessories, you can up the ante on your threads. That is one of the best reasons to buy gold. Here are some of the best ways to style your gold jewelry.

Chunky Chains

Chunky gold chains are an easy way to make a statement with your outfit. The best outfits to pair these with are simple outfits. Remember that your chunky gold necklace is the statement piece, so everything else about your outfit needs to be simple. Stick with plain tops with minimal graphics or none at all. Dress up any daytime outfit with a rhinestone-studded necklace for an instant glam look. Statement chain necklaces do not have to be the only pieces of jewelry you wear. You can also pair these with rings and bracelets. Just keep in mind that you want to keep your other pieces very minimalist. Too much can be overwhelming, destroying your look. Ultimately it depends on your personal style. If you are someone who loves bling, get a chunky chain necklace with colorful crystals. Whatever your style is, this piece of jewelry can transform your outfit.

Mixed Metals

Back in the day, if you wore gold earrings your necklace, rings and bracelets must be gold. Gone are those days. Mixing metals has never looked better. It gives your look an edge. You can either have a gold chain with a silver pendant or you could have a silver chain with a gold pendant. Either way, this type of necklace goes with anything that is a bit dressier. Think about outfits for work, business meetings, dinners, special occasions and celebrations. Again, since this necklace says so much, be sure to pair this with a basic top. You want your necklace to be the focal point. If your necklace does not contain mixed metals, you can still pull the look off by mixing your jewelry pieces. Your necklace could be gold but maybe your dangly earrings are silver, or maybe your rings are silver. Whoever you style it, do not be afraid to mix your metals.

Dainty Gold Rings

Girly gold rings have become a center point in fashion trends over the last few years, and it does not look like they are leaving anytime soon. Adding some dainty gold rings will we a soft touch in the fall to your chunky and oversized sweaters. These gold rings are easy to accessorize as you can put more than one on one hand. Play with the sizes of the rings too. Pair some rings that go all the way down your finger with rings that sit at the top of your first knuckle. The stacked look is a huge trend that you can make your own. Delicate rings are the perfect way to make any outfit look more elegant. If the weather does not comfortably permit a chunky sweater, have no fear. You can also pair these with a cocktail dress or something more fitted.

Dainty Necklace With Pendant

If you are looking for a way to enhance your casual outfits, pairing them with a delicate necklace with a pendant will solve that challenge. Since dainty necklaces have so much personality and are so minimalist, they are very easy to style whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt, a flowy skirt or a business suit. Throw on some of your most stylish but comfortable sneakers, a cute top and some skinny jeans and voila! You have the perfect combination for your dainty necklace. Another interesting way to style this necklace, especially if it hangs low with a pendant, is to pair it with a V-neck. It draws attention to your skin in a tasteful way, adding some dimension and personality to your outfit. Remember that you can also add other types of gold jewelry for a stacked look. This is great when you want to bring emphasis on your jewelry as opposed to your outfit itself.

Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings with gold details are one of the best ways to accessorize your summer looks. It easily gives you a boho look while also adding color and a touch of trendiness to some of the timeless statement pieces in your wardrobe. These earrings are best paired with dresses, skirts, shirts or pants that flow freely. It gives it a free-spirit, relaxed look that everyone is trying to go for. These are awesome for a daytime look. At the same time, you can dress up these tassel earrings for a more dressy look. There are so many types and styles to go with any outfit no matter if you are going to a celebrity-filled award show or an intimate anniversary date at a nice restaurant. Tassel earrings are also a great way to add a pop of color that can really tie in other elements of your outfit.

Gold Hoops

Golden hoops will always be a statement piece of jewelry every woman should have in her accessories arsenal. These earrings focus on the minimalist, modern, contemporary look which is why they are so easy to pair with any outfit no matter where you are headed. Golden hoops have evolved over the years and they have added a bunch of different details. For example, you could opt for geometric hoops which is a great alternative to the classic hoop. These types of hoop earrings have simple shapes and details that give your hoops more personality and flare. Whichever one your choose, you can pair them with a simple top and a pair of statement jeans for a casual look. If you are looking for a way to dress it up, go for something with an open neckline and a pair of statement heels.

Dainty Layered Necklaces

Golden layered necklaces are the trend that keeps on giving. It not only improves your outfit, but they also give you a more full accessorized look without going over the top. Look for necklaces that are delicate with small pendants paired with masculine pieces like a suit jacket. This is a very edgy look that fits any style. The layered look is better with V-necks or tops without necklines, but you can also wear these with oversized sweaters. Layered dainty necklaces are a great way to add a feminine touch to any outfit.

Gold Cuff Bracelets

Going for something more modern? Pairing golden cuff bracelets with your favorite outfits is a simple way to do that. Pair those golden cuffs with a nice watch and you are instantly stylish and trendy. The great thing about this accessory is it can be worn with anything. Whether you are going shopping, to work, to school or simply running errands on a Saturday morning. Add a touch of sleek chic to any outfit with this combination.

Golden Chokers

Chokers are making a comeback since they left us in the 90s. A golden chain choker is a way to modernize such a classic piece of jewelry. You could also pair the choker with a dainty necklace for a more feminine look. Since this combination is very simple, you can wear this with any of your most busy outfits and it would still look ok. Remember that you can mix metals and you can stack any other type of jewelry like rings or bracelets. There are so many options with this look. Turn your basic tee into something more interesting by accessorizing with the golden choker and a few dainty necklaces. Get your creative juices flowing and try combining two different chokers. There are no rules to this! It depends on your personal style, the occasion you are dressing for and the colors you decide to wear.

Statement Rings
Golden statement rings are a great way to subtly jazz up any outfit. Thankfully with this option, you do not have to worry about balancing colors of your outfit with your jewelry. No matter what you decide to wear, this ring will go with it. This is great for someone who has absolutely no idea what to pair with their outfit. When in doubt, wear a golden statement ring. Of course, you can enhance the look with cool, coordinated nail polish. Though statement rings are typically worn on their own, that does not mean that you cannot go for the stacked ring look. If you pair your golden statement ring with more delicate rings, it may be better. Just be sure that if you are wearing nail polish it is a neutral color like white, black or nude.

Dangling Gold Jewelry

Adding dangling gold jewelry is a great way to add dimension and detail to your outfit. This can also be paired with different types of necklines as well as different types of jewelry. This piece of jewelry can complement any style whether you are girly, edgy or a combination of both. Remember that you can also stack your necklaces, especially with a long chain.

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