Wednesday, July 15, 2020

3 Things Your Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help With

When you are facing a criminal charge, you understand the importance of having a successful criminal defense attorney on your side. In addition to guiding you through your trial and providing a response against the allegations, defense attorneys can also help shorten your pre-trial jail stay.

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Getting Out of Jail

Though it’s not always the case, a good criminal defense attorney can petition the judge for you to be released from custody prior to your trial beginning. In order for this to occur, they may put you in touch with a bonding company Yadkin NC court administrators are familiar with. The bonding company may ask for a certain amount of money upfront or collateral for your bond.

Preparing for Trial

Even if you don’t have a high profile case, your defense attorney will tell you to stay out of the news and off of social media. You can jeopardize your credibility and information pertaining to the case when you start telling everyone your story or venting. You will also meet with your attorney to discuss the case. You may be asked to produce names and contact information for witnesses, or you may spend the time discussing the nature of the charges and what kind of outcome could be expected from a court trial.

Heading to Court

When it comes time for your court date, do not miss it. If you have been out on bond, that freedom will be revoked and a warrant may be issued for your arrest. Prepare for court under the guidance of your attorney. You will dress professionally, but your lawyer may also advise you on facial expressions and other body languages. Take notes and listen closely. This is your innocence at stake.
When you face criminal charges, your defense attorney can only work with what you provide. Do your part to make their job easier.


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